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SLC Headache

The Spirit of the Forest is a raging Karen
Aug 9, 2017
Did you just work your hatred of Bolt into a discussion of Griffon in a Josephine's thread?

Also, perhaps we should get back on topic.
Only to point out how silly it is for the other person to call for its removal.

Knowing this place's uncertain future, I'm going to let my membership expire after this month (and restart my membership if it reopens by Sep/Oct). I've been trying to lose weight ever since PTC restraints started stapling me, but this place was my favorite sweet treat at an amusement/theme park and worth blowing my caloric budget for after lunch at Le Frites.
Nov 24, 2009
Surely you can't be serious about scrapping Griffon and bringing back the Lemans cars
100% serious…..The Lemans Cars was a family ride that anyone of any age could enjoy. It was a classic and back in the day you could get a chicken dinner from what is now Josephine’s and sit in a nice peaceful seating area right about where the bridge leading to Griffin is today. Yes Griffon is a great coaster but if I had the choice between the two right now I would choose The Lemans.
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Dec 2, 2013
.........Never thought about this before. Why the hell does BGW think people do not want to buy ice cream in the summer. I could see if they converted one into something like a shaved ice stand (that would be cool) but this makes no business sense. when its hot as hell out people want ice cream.
Some of my happiest memories are sitting under Big Ben, enjoying ice cream with my kids, 5 mins before park close. I have no interest in chic fil a, give me ice cream!
Nov 24, 2009
I can still picture the black cast lights in the ceiling, that yellow and blue tile on the walls behind the counter… tile
floors… least that’s my memories of it.

Back to Josephine’s…..they tried to do a more upscale ice cream
parlor….and it worked. The homemade cones right before your eyes, had made ice cream creations done right where you could watch. Yes it was time and labor consuming but it was a great product…..pricey but great. This is what worries me with Bobs Bar…..they will create something g that they won’t want to support in the future. They will open with greatness and start cutting back from day one.
Dec 7, 2021
This was just posted on BGW Instagram story.
This seems to indirectly confirm that Josephine’s isn’t coming back.
Of course it’s probably me just overthinking it, but when they say there’s no better combination Dippin Dots and Coasters, when Josephine’s is literally in the background of the shot, it does make you wonder.


Feb 14, 2019
Tbh, I was wondering why the Kona truck was in the park when it wouldn't be all that expensive to buy the equipment and flavors to run it in house... Guessing it's still easier/cheaper.

But having DD - to my knowledge, DD doesn't actually run most of their stands, so fwiw the park's culinary department would be directly responsible.
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