Please private message an Admin, if you have any questions about or need an exception to the rules and guidelines below.

We divide the forum rules into two categories: Class One Offenses and Class Two Offenses

  • Class One Offenses result in an immediate ban.
  • Class Two Offenses result in a 20% warning.
    1. Each warning expires automatically in six months;
    2. Five warnings (100%) in six months will result in a one-week ban; and
    3. Each additional two warnings within a six-month period will trigger a forum membership vote to decide between a ban for life and a two-week ban.

Class One Offenses
  • Holding an account under the age of 13. In order to comply with the FTC’s Children’s Online Privacy Act of 1998, all members must be at least 13 years old.
  • Using multiple accounts for malicious purposes. We define malicious activity as using duplicate account(s) to:
    1. Post spam;
    2. Vote more than once in elections and polls;
    3. Cheat the Rules/Banning System
  • Posting Spam. Spam includes but is not limited to:
    1. Advertisements;
    2. Self-promotion;
    3. Recruitment;
    4. Referral links; and
    5. Online petitions.

Class Two Offenses
  • Posting inappropriate content. We define inappropriate content as:
    1. Sexually explicit material;
    2. Comments advocating illegal activity;
    3. Personal insults or attacks targeting any (real) person;
    4. Personal information about any (real) person;
    5. Posts identifying park employees, who have not stepped into the public spotlight; and
    6. Racial, religious, cultural, sexual, physical, age-based, or any other form of intolerance.
  • Creating or using an unauthorized additional account. Exceptions can be requested by messaging an Admin.

Last Updated August 16, 2020 00:39

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