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Figured I'd bring this up. Apollo ran through Christmas Town, Winter Weekends and Mardi Gras last winter. Do we think it goes down for maintenance this year? I was wondering if they'd probably just rotating the larger coasters for the cold months.
My prediction for the Coaster lineup this winter is Pantheon, Verbolten, InvadR
In 2016 the spiels switched back to a female voice. Are we sure that it’s the same voice actor as the one before Phil Raybourn did the spiels? The current one sounds a little bit different and more slower speaking than the old one (or the one you hear at Pompeii).
That makes total sense you know, you can sorta see how they relate to the sit-down trains. My guess is that they just took the sit-down trains and added clamshell restraints, just so they didn't have to invent and risk a new train flopping. Sort of on the same idea of how Arrow didn't design big loops for the mega loopers, they just used the same design and added a longer slope into it.
Or, since this was B&M's first hyper, the train wasn't finalized, and Busch based their early theming work on an existing train design that was pretty close.
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Interesting Find
I've seen that before. Ironically, nearly all the B&M sit-downs use that design and Wildfire is the only one using the hyper design. What a reversal. I wonder if this implies Apollo was going to use the same technology as earlier B&M above-track coasters (vertical drive tires, trains stopping before the transfer track if a train is in the station, etc.). But I could be wrong, if this was actually a placeholder.
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Other work happening with the ride, although less important than the grar box from a couple of weeks ago. This picture is from last week, although nothing has changed since.
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