Existing Roller Coaster Tempesto

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Nov 1, 2019
I'd say Tempesto is a coaster, but then I'd say the Ring of Fire rides aren't. Thinking of the two at the same time, I don't know what to think anymore...
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Sep 20, 2013
Personally I think Tempesto is more of an art exhibit, in the vein of London Rocks. It really makes you wonder, is this real? Did one of my favorite regional theme parks just add a fairly enjoyable off the shelf coaster and manage to make it worse with comfort collars? Are the ride ops really ride ops, or are they actually actors playing the role of disgruntled ride ops? Is Tempesto an inside job done by the Lum administration to see how much sh!t us BGWFans can take before we cancel our passes?

The ride is fascinating. The theme makes absolutely no sense, it's themed to a stunt devil cyclist who is going to complete a loop, however Tempesto only has a non-inverting loop. In fact, the only time we invert is when the train enters the slow roll. Maybe this Tempesto guy is the best cyclist in the world, but scientifically speaking the gravity is going to pull this guys bike off this slow inverted roll, it's simply not realistic. Also, what are the ride vehicles? Planes? Cars? An 18 seater bike set-up? There's a metal plate and some flames on the side of the trains, for all we know this is actually a Hot Wheels set for giants and we are merely ants riding this machine.

Is Tempesto real? I don't know, and I don't think the park knows. They denied it's existence for months and kicked out a member for documenting the ride, but as time has passed this is beginning to make sense. This ride just started getting built, there's no way the park ordered this and actually thought it was a good idea, even famed author @Zachary swore that this was going to be a flat. I don't think that's a coincidence, maybe Premier went to the wrong park and got too far into the construction process, and this was actually meant for Shockwave's plot of land? These are all questions that keep me up at night, how can we soundly sleep knowing that this thing is still at our beloved Busch Gardens Williamsburg?

It barely even exists in this universe, it's merely a blemish on the already largely unthemed Festa Italia. Pantheon is an offering to the universe, an eye for an eye in a way. If the park adds another multi-launch coaster according to the prophecy, which is Pantheon in this scenario, Tempesto could possibly be removed. It checks the same boxes, low capacity, forwards and backwards motion, and an intense ejector airtime moment, Tempesto will serve no role in the park anymore. When this ride closes there will be no fan-fare. It will go silently in the night. One day we will get off that massive I-64 ramp and the ride will be gone from the skyline. No queue, no more of those bright gaudy orange and blues contrasted against the dark cool colors of AC, and the Nike shoe box station will be no more. There will be no deconstruction videos or speculation on what is next, the ride will simply be erased from our memories.

Will we truly know anything about Tempesto? No, this ride presents more questions than answers. How did it get here? Who thought it was a good idea? Has anyone truly enjoyed this ride, or are they actors from the deep state? We may never know, however, this ride does still answer one sacred question that is almost as old as time itself. Does Zach still owe us a full day of EITA or EFP marathoning, yes.
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