Existing Rhinefeld (Germany)

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Sep 29, 2009
One legend that I have heard about the statue on the fountain sounded like an urban legend to me until recently. Since I didn't pay it much mind, some of the details are foggy, but here goes:

Long ago Adolphus Busch used to visit a bronze workshop in Germany. He was particularly interested in a sculpture of a "perfect, nude German woman." Apparently, he liked this sculpture so much that he would visit the shop just to see how they were progressing on the statue. He also made sure to weigh in on how he thought they should improve it.

I don't know if this is true, but after doing some research, there is proof out there that Adolphus Busch and the sculptor, Johannes Böse both knew each other, and the timeframe of when they were living and where they were at the time seems to give more credit to the above story. Adolphus Busch was very rich in the USA, but he was still famous for his love of Germany. He even paid tribute to Germany in the US by founding some of America's first German towns, several of which were direct influences on Rhinefeld at Busch Gardens.

Therefore, Rhinefeld might be better described as a representation of Adolphus Busch's Germany in America, rather than a recreation of any town in Germany itself. For instance, Grant's Farm in St. Louis (whose centerpiece was/is a German Biergarten) was likely the primary inspiration for Rhinefeld. Busch Gardens even used photos of this place in several early promotional materials for The Old Country. You may notice that the iconic stork sculptures on the chimneys (a very German thing, I'm told) look nearly identical.

Another feature of Rhinefeld is the Holzbrücke: the wooden bridge into Rhinefeld, based on several real bridges in Germany. Even more uncanny, is how one of those bridges has a custom river basin (predating concrete) that was made to eliminate sediment and create clear water at all times. This is very much like the basin under Le Scoot.

One way or another, whether based mostly on "real" Germany or several American-German towns, Rhinefeld is loaded with real history that is hard to trace since most of it dates back one hundred, and even several hundreds of years before Busch Gardens Williamsburg ever existed.

One more rumor: I have heard that the figures on the Glockenspiel are antiques that span over three centuries. The oldest ones are probably the husband and wife. The underlying narrative of festivities at a royal wedding (jousters, jesters, royal horses and coopers performing the Schäfflertanz) is nearly broken because of those two since they are the only ones not associated with royalty.
Sep 29, 2009
I finally found a photo where I could read the placard that used to be in front of the fountain. This was taken during the Nighttime Insider Tour.

The sign reads:
"Busch Memorial Fountain

Fountains are an integral part of our heritage and this one is reminiscent of fountains found in marketplaces of German villages. Traditionally they fulfilled the practical purpose of a watering place but now serve as a source of civic pride and devotion to fine arts.

Lilly Busch commissioned this fountain which stood in St. Louis for many years as a memorial to her late husband Adolphus Busch 1839 to 1913 founder of Anheuser-Busch Inc. This unique bronze work cast is 1914 in Berlin exemplifies German craftsmanship of the period."



Dec 13, 2013
Yeah, that is definitely not the story we got a few years ago on our insider tour. They said the story about A. Busch having the statue made as a tribute to his wife. I suppose that one is more romantic (in the older meaning of the word) which would be why they use it. Glad you were able to find and transcribe the old plaque. Thank you for that, I appreciate history over stories.
Sep 29, 2009
Oh no! I guess it's for the projection mapping show during Summer Nights. I wonder what they will do about the pedestal (if anything). I'm kind of worried about how they will store her. Entertainment has left her out before in the most reckless manner. She must be indestructible.
Jun 6, 2013
I'm more worried she won't come back! That's one of my favorite things. It really helps to make Rhinefeld feel like the most authentic section.
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Mar 16, 2016
They need to find a way to build a stand for that and store the equipment in the base so you can have both.


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Feb 8, 2018
North Carolina
Does anyone else think that there is potential for a ride to be in Rhinefeld? Like, between it and Mach tower?
Sep 29, 2009
When creating the Wilkommenhaus Visual Spectacle, the park used drones to create a 3D model, rather than using blueprints. That probably doesn't mean that they don't exist.
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Jul 22, 2018
at christmas town i looked in the window and it was an empty room with a ladder
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