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There were so many more trees then! I think that's honestly the biggest change at the park. All over it seems just much more open. I think that really takes away a lot of the mystic from the hamlets. Some tree loss has not been their fault, but other areas seem like they just clear cut and did not try to conserve. Cool photo though!
I love that picture if only there was more. The trees make a big difference and that is BGW's secret weapon of all things. Le Mans looks like it has fewer trees from what I remember? Was it relatively new then?
If only someone new what large portions of the real Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe looked like.
chickenking said:
In the Clock Shop...

Look familiar?
Stein's Certificate of Authenticity.
^ as seen from the back.
Cuckoo Clocks information.
Preference is for the Cuckoo Clock on the right.

CK: I got one of these last year. You can hook up a Christmas Light from a string of regular Christmas lights.
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I assume you are talking about the Blood Banquet building model. A big stein or clock would look kinda strange in my Christmas tree. :p
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