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Feb 14, 2019
Have there ever been talks of expanding the path of the Skyride? Possibly to Octoberfest
Probably not gonna happen for several reasons:

This particular ride system has been in it's current path for a long time, to reroute will potentially cause issues with the envelopes around this ride and other attractions.

It's really expensive and time consuming to make such changes.

This ride isn't an equivalent to an E ticket at this park, thus is not a large enough attraction to generate income via attendance or in-park sales on its own.

The station over by the Kinder Karussel and Land of the Dragons is within a 2-4 minute walk of Das Festhaus, depending on how fast your pace is - why would they need to extend it even further, which would potentially put the path in conflict with other structures and attractions in the area?
Apr 7, 2016
What is the big pit the skyride goes over? Is it just part of Loch Ness or was it something else at one time? We always joke that it's Thunderdome when we go over it
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