2015 Howl-O-Scream

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Apr 25, 2012
Portsmouth, VA
I've successfully completed all the mazes at KD in one night, many times, without a fright-lane pass.  I know their event is 2 hours longer than ours, but most of their houses do not open until 7pm, really only making their event 1 hour longer than ours and they had 9 houses last year.


Jan 30, 2014
I don't think there was ever any conclusive evidence proving that the new ride wasn't a flat Joe. Thus providing Zachary an out.
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Feb 9, 2013
Well, I'd like to bring up the topic about the Fright Feast/Blood Banquet situation. Just a recap of this eventful emotional roller coaster we've been on over the park's HOS dinner theaters: From first looks it seemed that Fright Feast was cut and Blood Banquet was going to be the only one returning, but then we heard that Blood Banquet would also be cut. Then I released some info that said Blood Banquet would be returning in more of a Fright Feast form to the Vampire Point Hotel. But then we were told Fright Feast would remain in its location(Castle O' Sullivan) and just be renamed to Blood Banquet. But I have found evidence today that says otherwise.

A permit has been filed for a "performance platform in Germany" which points to the stage being built in front of the Willkomenhaus, like it was last year for Blood Banquet. The description for the permit can be found below:

But I went seeking to double check the evidence I just found. So I went looking for an almost identical permit that was filed last year for Blood Banquet, and sure enough, I found it. Here's the 2014 version of the permit description for the Blood Banquet Stage:

So based off the evidence I've collected here, my consensus is that Fright Feast will be more or less "moving" to Vampire Point Hotel, in Rhinefeld, and the dinner theater experience will be called "Blood Banquet."

Do I believe that statement will stay 100% true? Well, no. With the seemingly infinite amount of curveballs we've been thrown about this situation, I wouldn't be surprised if the situation changed yet again.
Sep 29, 2009
bgbackdoor said:
new leads for fiends and night beats this year - major changes to night beats
That is kind of sad for both shows. Night Beats better have big changes if they have a new lead. I'm not trying to say that he was irreplaceable, but the entire show was basically written around that performer.
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Stone Cold Terror!
Sep 20, 2013
A.U.R.A said:
Published by Bill Waldren. August 4, 2015

Given all our technical issues with the video signals inside the house, we've decided the only way to know what's going on in there is for me to actually go inside the house.

One last blog before the big moment. We've built a shaft to what is the front door of the house.

I'm going to repel down into the shaft, bust through the door, and walk right in.

I'm taking my trusty camera with me along for the ride,  I'll be sure to take lots of selfies.

I'll post as soon as I'm out...assuming I live to tell the tale...bwahahahaha...
Also, Tampa posted a field report.
Apr 1, 2010
Yes, EiTA's last day was Sunday (as was the 40th street performers :( ). EiTA is being prepped for the new house. Night Beats is supposedly being rewritten as Ulrich's brother, or something, since Gabe IS Ulrich. I understand there was a contingency plan for this previously in case the swing actor ever had to do the show. CTC is being worked on and the set pieces for Catacombs are along the fence behind Aquitaine,
Feb 9, 2013
I'll miss the original Ulrich this year in Night Beats. However, even with him last year, it didn't keep me from thinking the show was absolute crap, because the park ruined it. However just having the amazing acting of Ulrich in the show made it still a good show for some, but I was not one of them.

With how the show was ruined last year, I'll welcome major changes, whether or not Ulrich is in the show.
Feb 9, 2013
Looking at the audition site, I only see an audition opportunity for Williamsburg.... Has BGW stopped doing New York and other crazy location auditions since SG's departure?(if so, that would be great) Or are they just not putting those options on the site?
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