Existing Celtic Fyre

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Jun 16, 2013
How would that work with the lyric about Tony and his racing pigeons?
Don't know but I heard pretty solid rumors that they been cut. No idea if that means that the song been changed, removed or if they keep it the same without them. Guess we will have to wait and see. Hopefully there might be some bn other tweaks to.
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Jan 19, 2015
The web site has Celtic Fyre hours on 03.21.2020 as 3p 5p and 7p. it also has hours for Lets Play Together and More Pet Shinanigans. There are no other show hours on the web site for future dates. Hope the pigeons are there. After all they are like a religion for Tony.
Mar 16, 2016
I'm happy it's still going. For a few reasons. (1) I feel like Celtic Fyre is one of the last vestiges remaining of the 'classic' BGW to me of a time when the actual culture of the hamlet's namesake still mattered. (2) Each time I go to see Celtic Fyre the place is crowded and there's not a huge number of empty seats. (3) They still manage to get great casts every year that bring the fun and energy with every show. I feel like that last one is the hardest one to control, but the best one to have. It's had to do 3-4 shows a day, 7 days a week, for 4-6 months. The fact that I feel it's rare to go to a show and feel like the cast is slacking.

While I do sadly admit that maybe they will have to get something new in there sooner than later, I'm glad they aren't jumping to replace this just to replace it.


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I find myself in a similar place.

Celtic Fyre brings me joy each and every time I see it. It has made me cry. It is incredible.

But I do not want it to become stale. I think BGW needs to change, and evolve—while maintaining the park's core cultural identity.

I hope whatever they do next, they keep that in mind.
Sep 29, 2009
Celtic Fyre took much longer than most shows to feel stale to me. While I am a bit tired of it by now, there are other amazing shows that didn’t take quite as long to grow old.

Even Scrooge No More (which I tend to think of as the only show in recent years that comes close to the success of Celtic Fyre) became tiring to watch after about 30 views. In contrast; Celtic Fyre, to me, didn’t become stale until, maybe, my 70th time seeing it; which was also when it had the worst cast. Perhaps it’s the degree of flexibility the performers tend to have in this show that makes it so re-watchable.

^ Although I know there are people who watch shows even more frequently than I do; I don’t like to think too much about how many times I’ve seen these shows. Lol
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Aug 9, 2016
Virginia Beach
I love Celtic Fyre. The husband and I probably see it 5-10 times a year. That being said.... i think the park may eventually need to do something new. The problem is after the disasters that were / are London Rocks, Britmania, and Octoberzest I have little faith they can actually do something worth watching. I would hate to see them remove a good, popular, but old show, only to replace it with crap.


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Sep 23, 2009
Newport News, VA
I think many of us think that Celtic Fyre is getting long in the tooth but are also TERRIFIED that its eventual replacement will be trash. In light of that, I think I would like to see some evolution come to Celtic Fyre—maybe try switching out a song or a character or some choreography every season or two?

BGW is currently incapable of developing a show anywhere near as good as Celtic Fyre... but maybe they could manage to put together a new segment here or there?


Feb 12, 2011
Near Richmond
BGW is currently incapable of developing a show anywhere near as good as Celtic Fyre... but maybe they could manage to put together a new segment here or there?
I wouldn’t complain if they redid the American tap dance part of the show. That part is fun, and the improv in it keeps it somewhat fresh, but as a whole it’s the slowest and least substantial part of the show. If they could put something new in with a new feel, but with the same room for variations and improvisations between shows, it might freshen up the middle of the show.

Also, even though Finnegan’s Wake is one of my favorite sections of the show, there’s probably another fun, silly Irish bar song they could easily swap in its place. This segment strikes me as one that’s easily replaceable simply by nature of it being a simple Irish drinking song (even though I do love it). Ditto for Wild Rover, but I feel like the shouting “No! Nay! Never!” and clapping along are a signature part of the show.

As much as I love the show as it is now, if some tweaks are necessary to keep it alive and fresh for everyone, I’d happily welcome some small changes like that.
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