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I probably should be working...
Oct 2, 2018
How cool would it be if somebody found the operations manual for this ride like FoF and Darkastle?
I never got a PDF of DarKastle, only read the paper copy the one year I was trained there. I'm sure someone here worked there at some point and has a pdf.


Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
Interesting that the changed the soundtrack, that music doesn’t sound very Scooby-Doo specific. But the music they play both on the ride and in the queue these days is definitely very different.
Apr 22, 2019
I'm guessing that whenever KD opens, rides like this and Flight of Fear will not be operating. Being in close-quarters indoors is much worse then the same out of doors, when it comes to covid-19.
Apr 17, 2017
I guess you just have to listen closely to the soundtrack without all that other noise coming from the effects in the ride. For reference, 0:00-2:04 is graveyard, 2:05-2:10 is exit hallway (instead of the queue/ station area strangely enough), 2:10-4:37 is SUPPOSED to play in the skeleton scene, and 4:37 to the end is manor interior.

Speaking of, on Monday I was cleaning the vehicles at day's end and I got to the last one which was parked at the end of block 12 (skeleton scene). I looked up and saw what seemed to be a pair of UV lights fixed to the ceiling, despite the fact that this room is nearly pitch black. I also knew that in other versions of the ride, strobe lights would illuminate the skeleton room to give the impression that they are quickly lunging towards you accompanied by the soundtrack that I mentioned earlier. I've never seen these effects in this version of the ride, but did there used to be? Maybe these UV lights were meant to be the strobe lights.


Feb 14, 2019
If I'm not mistaken, I think the UV (black) lights were there even when it was Scooby Doo themed - I don't remember there being strobes but then again I also don't remember the chimes in the soundtrack either.
Apr 17, 2017
There is a newly installed blacklight in the station area, which is as dim as they were in the ride’s early years. I asked maintenance about it and they said it replaced a previous blacklight that had gone out. They also said they’re gonna try and replace most of if not all of the blacklights on the ride to match the new one. Hopefully this means the ride can be much darker and have more saturated colors again, because the lighting today just makes it feel like riding with the work lights on. I also know that the blacklight in the dungeon scene has gone out, because when I rode it yesterday it was near pitch black. That’s why I think that spot may be maintenance’s first stop when redoing the lighting.

Another thing according to the guys is that the bulbs for the current blacklights were easier to find; maybe the dimmer lights on the past had gotten old and needed to be replaced?

Lastly, and also when I rode yesterday, I could just barely hear what I’m certain is Boocifer’s fogwall dialogue right before the skeletons. It was really faint. Same with the “great job!” spiel.


Silver Donor
Jul 31, 2016
The fog wall still works great it’s a matter of filling the tank up! It’s a cool little effect when it’s running. Wasn’t long ago that we’ve seen it working. Cool info about the lights!
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