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I'm sure Mwhinva could back me up on this, but I'm almost certain it was built for the ride.  Before the dark ride, I believe there was a parachute-tower type family ride in the area near the ride's entrance/queue.  I guess the rest of the area was just woods?
Wow, I had no idea of that, Evan!  Very cool.


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Joe pid=91668 dateline=1391645570 said:
Wow, I had no idea of that, Evan!  Very cool.

This Google Maps image clearly shows how all three buildings are connected.  Very interesting designing/planning. I would still imagine different parts were added at different times?

I am glad you were able to pull an overhead shot of the building. The original building, dating back to 1975, has the light colored metal roof. The part that was added for the "Boo Blasters: ride is the dark/black roof at the rear of the existing building

The original Safari theater had a covered amphitheater (open on three sides) where there was a stage for a live performance (it took up a little over 1/3 of the front of the existing building). After the live show, they would open the doors on either side of the stage into a short hallway (about 20 feet long) that led into a large screen movie theater at the back of the building.

I believe the 20 foot gap was for the "Green Room" [performer backstage area to change, rest, do makeup etc.] In the theater, the park showed a 15 minute film called, I think, "Virginia, The Pursuit of Happiness".

I believe in the late 1970's the park replaced the movie with 5 anima-tronic characters that were called "The Wolf Pack 5". The show was a 15-20 minute 1950's music revue. There was a male and female wolf character, [the male wolf was based on a person called "Wolfman Jack"]. There was a Gorilla character that played the piano ["Fats Domino character"], a drum playing Beagle. And there was one other character that I don't remember.

In the early-mid 1980's, KD did the first major makeover of the building turning it into Livingston's Restaurant. The outdoor amphitheater was removed and the front of the building was enclosed on the sides turning that front 1/3 of the building into the kitchen/serving line on the left, an open foyer area in the center and a small arcade section on the right side.

The dining area, a stage for live performance, and a back stage area for the performers took up the last 2/3's of the building. The park re-purposed the 5 anima-tronic characters into a African themed comedy. The dining room had an African theme with props and featuring different themed seating areas, I remember one seating area being Egyptian, another Moroccan, yet another being a jungle, Sahara desert, etc.  

The shows were of a small carberet style with 3-8 performers. They had singing trio's & quartet's [maybe accompanied by 2-3 musicians], they had a small Magic Show, etc. The anima-tronic show would be timed to play in between the live shows.

In the early years of Paramount, the park made the front 1/3 of the building a Forrest Gump restaurant. They kept the kitchen/serving line where it was when it was Livingston's Restaurant. The Foyer area and the former small arcade were converted to the Gump dining area. The original entrance to the big Livingston's restaurant dining room was walled off. I don't know what the rest of the building was used for back then; the public no longer had access to that area.

When the initial Scooby themed dark ride was being built by Paramount, KD took over 1/3 of the rear of the original building for the ride and built the new ride structure building; attaching the new structure to the back of the original building. I think part of the middle section of the building is/was used for some of the ride mechanics for "Tomb Raider/The Crypt" ride [hydraulics?]

When Cedar Fair took over, the dark ride was re-themed to "Boo Blasters on Boo Hill" and the Forrest Gump restaurant became Outer hanks.

I don't remember every little detail and the exact timing of the changes; but, I think I am close to having 90% accuracy concerning the history of the building.
I remember the arcade and magic show in Livingstons! My Mom dated the Magician. I remember asking him how he sawed the girl in half and he never would tell me.
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Such a great (albeit underrated) little dark ride.
If they add something where the Mystery Machine was and fix the fog screen it would be a perfect fit for Kings Dominion. I'm impressed the park keeps majority of the effects working. As for the Queue...
I'd like to point out that a lot of effects inside have been restored as of today. The "real" pop-out ghost between the bedroom scene and the dungeon scene was actually working.

Even better, the ghost turkey in the dining room scene (where Scooby Doo used to be) was working, for honestly the first time that I have seen since the ride opened as Boo Blasters on Boo Hill in 2010.
I've never been on this. I made a mental note to make sure I rode it this past Sunday, but I forgot, again.:(
I definitely agree that this is a great and underrated ride in the park. Not exactly the most thrilling but it is a nice addition.

I typically do one visit to Kings Dominion each year where we have a mini family reunion with my Mom, siblings and grandparents (maybe a cousin or two).I love that this is a ride that we all can ride together since it is great for all ages.
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I like this ride for three reasons:

1. I have had a long love affair with classic "Pretzel"-type dark rides and spook houses.  Boo Blasters, with its many mechanical stunts, fluorescent paint, track layout and ride vehicles, is a great homage to those older dark rides.

2. As mentioned above, I love mechanical stunts and physical props, and Boo Blasters is absolutely full of them! It's great to see this old tradition continued in a newer ride.

3. Back in the 80s, KD used to have a mechanical shooting gallery that was located near Shenandoah Lumber Company, the kind of thing where you would insert your coin and use an infrared rifle to shoot at little targets attached to themed props. The mechanized props would react with movement and sound effects when you hit the target. Boo Blasters fondly reminds me of that old attraction.
I remember riding this the first day it opened, and my whole group was just blown away by the fog projection wall. After a month or two it was turned off and four years later it still hasn't been turned on. It was probably scaring kids, but it's so dissapointing that it's gone. The ride now feels like it's missing something to me.
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Reece, I am almost certain the fog wall was not removed because it scared kids, but because the moisture was damaging the nearby mechanics. It's a shame it doesn't operate anymore, though there's probably no "safe" way to run it.
Speaking of Kings Island...

I have to say they have the better Boo Blasters. The queue, the ride vehicles, and effects. Sadly most of the effects have been shut down. Back on topic, I hope the park manages to fix the outdoor effects.
Kings Island without a doubt has the better indoor section. It its longer, has better effects, and has a more interesting layout.

However, our Boo Blasters on Boo Hill has the far superior outdoor queue and façade. There is a massive level of imagination and detail in the outside portion.
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Oh please, it was so much better before the Boo Blasters takeover. The moving bushes, the alligators, the moving water, the mystery machine. Now it feels like a silhouette of what it used to be. I think the moving bushes may have worked for a short time under Boo Blasters but that's it. Also the interior queue was pretty nice with the portraits of "the gang." Boocifer was only cool on the fog wall.

As far as Kings Island's being better, you have to realize that the building that their Boo Blasters is in used to be home to the famous "Phantom Theater" dark ride. Scooby Doo was the successor to that and it had to be good. Our building was built specifically for Scooby Doo and the Haunted Mansion, so I'm sure ours had a more limited budget as far as the dark ride portion goes.

Also, to the comment made earlier about KD fixing effects on this ride; how do you even keep track? There are so many effects and I really don't ride enough to know what they all are
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