Blackfish Backlash

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Sep 23, 2009
Newport News, VA
Apparently PETA is putting famous folks up to bashing SeaWorld now?

Credit to Rolling Stone for actually putting together a piece that gives both sides a real voice. It's a surprisingly good article to be honest. The statements from PETA and the various celebrities make me want to shoot myself though. For example...

From Pink's letter to the SEAS CEO:
The last thing I would want to teach my kids is that 'might makes right' or that it's OK to bully and exploit someone just because they look different from us. But that's exactly what SeaWorld does by locking up animals [...]
Mar 16, 2016
. "In fact, the only whale ever relocated to a sea cage, at the behest of activists, ultimately died. SeaWorld's deep commitment to animal care is why we can't, with good conscience, move our killer whales to sea cages and put them at risk. We stand behind our commitment that it's best for our whales to continue receiving daily expert veterinary care at our parks."
This is the statement that to me is the trump card. Many animals kept in captivity too long for whatever reason have a low survival rate in releases or sanctuaries. Ending the breeding program was big step #1. Next will be to no longer bring in new whales.

There was never going to be an overnight “we don’t have orcas anymore” solution.

And IMO Pinks comments show the slanted biased views of PETA and what they make people believe.
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Life is short, so eat dessert first.
Jun 8, 2013
After Pink's stupid and biased comments I just deleted what songs of her's I had purchased via download. And for how little I listened to them it's no big loss at all.
Mar 16, 2016
There will always be a need for rescue facilities. And SWO has many animals that could never be released, because they sustained injuries that would make them incredibly vulnerable in the wild.
To be fair, wasn't meaning rescue. More breeding and bringing in healthy for no reason. Rescues that would struggle to live in the wild is ok and shouldn't be looked down upon.
Sep 29, 2009
This is a sad article. The part that got me is when they state that 69% of Southern Resident whales have failed pregnancies. That's a lot considering the number of animal activists that say orca miscarriages only happen at SeaWorld and never in the wild. Still, very sad.
That Mourning Orca Whale Mother Should Be a Wake-Up Call
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Hard, Hard Times
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Jan 5, 2018
Frederick, MD
I LOVE the comments section on that post they made. They are mostly people saying "Yp SeaWorld is dope I saw a dolphin there once"

PETA can't argue with that. Fight ignorance with stupidity.
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Jul 26, 2014
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Wavering faith will not serve you well
Sep 14, 2014
Speaking of stupidity, look at this nonsense. PETA should focus on actual animal problems and not caged animals on packaging. I promise this article is not from The Onion... but it sure seems like it.

PETA was really concerned about caged animals on the Animal Crackers packaging, so the company removed them from their cages... ugh.
I see your point, but I'm also glad Animal Crackers took this step. If they removed the name "Barnum" I'd be even happier.
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