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It could be done, but I think a Scandinavian country would be more likely if there was any new countries placed in FP.

Maybe even a replica of the Norwegian Lady?

I guess Scandinavia could also work, but what abt InvadR? It's already themed to what most ppl identify with Scandinavia, so I feel it'd make more sense for it to be in a hamlet themed to Scandinavia
Oooh! A Stravinsky’s Firebird! What badass beautiful music there. If you’ve never heard it, it’s a ballet, but don’t get turned off if your not into that yet. Firebird is like the progressive metal of the early 1900’s. It’s aggressive, musical, heavy at times, beautiful and eerie at others. The link is the Firebird Suite- An orchestral Best-of collection. If they couldn’t model a rollercoaster to fit the music!
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I *love* Firebird!! In fact, the TV station I work at used it as the news theme from 1996-2001!

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I love how more ppl are talking abt Russian ballads and neoclassical than abt the idea of a Russian hamlet
Ugh! No! I hated dancing to Stravinsky! It is so discordant that is sucks the life force out of you. Prokofiev was awful, too.
I was wondering what the sad face was. :(
As a percussionist, I love the Russian stuff, even if I wasn’t playing much, I loved hearing my wind ensemble, orchestra, drum corps (whatever I was playing in at the time) play it.
Stravinsky-Firebird and the Rite of Spring to name a couple hits., Prokofiev- Even Peter and the Wolf :), Shostakovich, Mussorgsky’s Pictures At An Exhibition- Amazing!, Gilinka’s Ruslan and Ludmilla in posts above- Super fast. Can’t leave out Rachmaninoff-Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini!
It was literally a struggle to summon the energy to move, when we performed things like Cinderella and Firebird. I understand intellectually how a musician would love the music, but give me a Romantic composer every time.
Totally understandable. The ballets of Copellia, Swan Lake, and The Nutcracker are totally different choreography that that of say, Rite of Spring. Riots, in fact, broke out at the premier performance because of how ‘not ballet-like’ it was. It starts with an ancient tribal, Russian ceremony.

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Oh, I think Firebirds‘s choreography is fantastic (I’m not some Giselle dancer; I prefer the energy of something like Sleaping Beauty), but I find the music emotionally draining.
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what about some sort of spinning coaster inside of darkastle? keep it themed to a haunted castle or maybe something similar to mystic manor with a magical item that brings everything to life? It doesnt have to go very fast or high but keep things low to the ground with small airtime hills and spins to give a great ride for all ages? Or if we're looking to introduce an IP that no other park has, why not Doctor Who? It has a large fanbase and the idea of being able to anywhere in time and space could be fun especially if they accidentally crash into old oktoberfest and bump into drachenfire or even break curse of darkastle?
I've imagined a small spinning coaster through very dark misty dungeon scenes, with the riders facing in and a lamp in the middle of the car. This would strike a balance of spooky/fun/family as the one thing riders can always see is the reaction of their group/family.
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I think that even though the building is huge it's probably not large enough for a full sized coaster, even a small one, if it's going to be a decent length. Best I can see going there is a souped up halfpipe.

Personally, I'd rather see another kind of dark ride go back into the castle - knowing that's highly unlikely. Or a battle bots arena... Because why not.

Apparently the ride itself is 40 ft tall with a bizarre 'launching' lift offering much of the power, the ride being unusually speedy and intense for a spinner. Capacity is a good question but I'd think you could make such a ride run as well as any single-car spinner.
Without major modifications to the DK show building, how high could anything actually be in there?
So what about FP though? I think many folks on here want to see some kind of hamlet addition, though more likely it may be an extra shop and/or food location added to the coaster being planned, if anything else.
A star flyer or new drop tower would be a good move if they don't add any tall coaster back there so people are drawn there. Another thing I notice Taylor mention they could create an exit from Festhaus towards the new attractions and area and go from there. I mean the flow of it will kinda always feel weird with the large box structure surrounding Verboltens layout just sitting there in the grand scheme of it.
That's a huge chunk of the Drachen Spire thread - reconfiguring Das Festhaus and replacing the picnic area with a beer garden/updating the area for corporate use.
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