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Curve Flattener.
Aug 3, 2017
Newport News, VA
While it's over a year away and we've only seen a concept based upon obtained blueprints - what, if anything, would you suggest in the large area not projected to be utilized? (I deliberately left the trees as is.) I think some kind of addition would overcome the "hidden away" factor that impacted Drachen Fire

A couple of flats? One big flat? Some shops?

When DF was built the paths were built so that there were great places for other things. Heck you can certainly see that now with the various mazes.

It would be nice to see a couple flats back there.
It looks like there's enough room for a new country.

Maybe one on the Mediterranean. Iberian peninsula. Where people speak Spanish
Does this area have any sort of theme yet? There are a couple cool countries we could go with. Honestly based on the color scheme it gives me Scandinavian vibes more than anything else. A fjord theme could be very cool
As I've read here and heard from a few park people, I'm pretty sure the days of new hamlets are over. I think the most we could anticipate might be a "suburb" of Germany...maybe a "Black Forest" area. But if it were themed at all (you'd probably need to have a few attractions in place first), I would think it would center on whatever they name the coaster.
Personally being on that side of the park , I would prefer a StarFlyer ..the views of the river! Also , it’s time for a more docile ride. For a thrill factor , the seats could rotate to a more inverted angle while spinning or do a slow 360! If you want to go that route. However, would any of the footers from Drachen Fire be a issue? Also, isn’t there a planned berm to be in that space after 2021?
if BGW was able to have B&M design the layout it would likely still be here and we wouldn’t be getting a giga shuttle coaster lol
Yeah that's the point. I wish we had gotten the coastrr we were supposed to get instead. I don't think anyone would complain about it. It makes me sad whenever I go to BGT and look at Kumba.
Well, 1 there's plenty of other flats that BGW doesn't have that could go on there. They could do a Zumanjaro like attachment down the line to the spire (certainly with that structure supporting it). They could do some games, some food stands.

I think the coolest option would be, why not another coaster. I've been an advocate of this for a while, but a GCI terrain coaster along the Rhine that interacts with Proj2021 would be legit. Create a head chopper at the end of the first launch and one at the bottom of the lowest valley. All you need to fit into Festhaus Park is the station.
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