Existing Oktoberfest (Germany)

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Jul 13, 2011
Orlando, FL
Party Rocker said:
The park could care less about grammar and spelling, so as long it appears to be german for the GP to say "wow, how authentic!"
There are MANY different regional dialects throughout Germany.

I'm not saying that is definitely the case in this instance, but this did apply in a recent backstage kerfuffle I witnessed over an "I speak German" language rocker for a name tag.


Aug 27, 2013
Washington county Maryland
We looked for where the old bridge was this past Saturday and found the old footings on the Germany side right behind the Karussel photo opp. I circled the one footer on the German side(the other footer is out of the picture to the left) and also circled where the bridge "landed" on the Oktoberfest side.

(My apologies if someone has already posted pics like this one....)


Sep 10, 2012
It occurred to me, someone took the hint from last Summer; there are no giant critter's rear-ends facing you as you stroll through the Bunny Trail to Oktoberfest.  Good job!!

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Sep 29, 2009
Notice that the "disco turtle" also had feet added. The snail was originally in three sections at the bottom. Now, it is all one piece.
May 30, 2013
I have to disagree with most of you. The park is making an event that is specifically for little kids. Little kids love those kinds of tacky decorations. The disco turtle would be your favorite part of the park if you were 5! Think about HOS decorations. They sbsoulutley destroy the peacefull atmosphere of the park during the day and look extremely tacky, but we forgive them because it's an event we love. I'm not angry with Busch Gardens for adding these tacky decorations to Germany. I'm actually happy that they are starting to make the park appeal more to little kids because that's been a problem for the park the last couple of years. Also keep in mind that they didn't throw these decorations all over the park, but instead kept them contained within a very small area. Not much to get upset about in my opinion.
Sep 29, 2009
That is a good point, but the park didn't need to get rid of trees to put the snail there. Believe it or not, I actually think the disco turtle is somewhat cute. However, I am very glad that it is only temporary.
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Feb 9, 2013
Well considering these monstrosities are going to return next year, I doubt they are going to re-plant them just to take them down again in 10 months.


Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
If it is true that they will decorate the same way again next year, then perhaps it makes sense to put in something that is normally replanted. Not being a gardener, I have no idea, if that is easy with trees or not.


Jun 10, 2010
Dinwiddie County, VA
Harking back to the sign in the Festhaus pictured on page one of this thread, is it at all possible that it is an old humorous poem, or a song or ditty like a drinking song? And that's why the grammar and such are so poor? Just a possibility that crossed my mind given the translation.

As for the snail, I agree that it is not so bad for Easter, and yesterday we were walking behind a little girl who really liked it -- she broke away from her mother to stop at the fence and really take a look at it. I do hate that trees were removed, but as a spring decoration, especially as part of the Bunny Trail, I don't mind it.


Feb 12, 2011
Near Richmond
Thank you, BBW, for posting that above about the snail and his friends. You have persuaded me in an argument where other posters' arguments have been fallacious by providing logical reasoning and a real-life example, as opposed to just "It looks good enough, they can always plant stuff later. No big deal."

Your post has provided reasonable logic and understanding toward both sides: you acknowledge the pros and the cons and came to an overall consensus as to what is the best reaction to the scenario. In this case, it's a shame for what it has impacted overall, but it provides a different and special experience for the event.

You have done the impossible: you have won an argument on the internet. Touche!
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