"Founders Event" Coming May 2015

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Apr 1, 2010
CastleOSullivan said:
^I was really hoping that the stage would make a modified return this year. I believe it's possible. It would probably cost way too much for a show style that the park obviously is not serious about.
Someone said this idea was actually floated about. But budget restraints made it pretty impossible.


Feb 12, 2011
Near Richmond
If you're not already following @BuschDominion on Instagram, now would probably be a good time to start.

A miniature showing of the Enchanted Laboratory of Nostromos the Magnificent, complete with live actors and animatronics, is set up beside Castle O'Sullivan!

Threadneedle Faire theming has made a return in the Wild Reserve!

Threadneedle street actors are back home!

The Threadneedle Gypsy Wagon show has returned!

The Gypsy Violinist next to the Gypsy Wagon!

Everybody be sure to thank Matthew for the pictures- and stay tuned for more!
May 6, 2014
Hampton, VA USA
CastleOSullivan said:
I somehow guessed that they would have a tribute to the Enchanted Laboratory, but this definitely exceeded my expectations. What does the actor do? Do the animatronics talk?
Last night around 8 PM when I saw Nostradamus (the owl) and Elixer (the raven) they were half asleep but stirring. Definitely in sleep mode but I fully expect they can talk also. It was great to see. During Ride Night we had the juggler, gypsy violinist, a magician, and yellow parasol girl passing through the crowd entertaining and interacting with guests. Good memories! Coca-Cola has a lounge on the patio overlooking Griffon giving away free samples in aluminum bottles. There's lots of loungy furniture to rest upon. The Coca-Cola pillows were rapidly walking away. Upon exit outside of the turnstiles we were given a black, velvet box with a really nice gift. It is a solid brass 40th anniversary collectible coin with the 40th logo on the front and The Old Country on the obverse (though I prefer it the other way around). Attendance was very low -- perhaps as few as 250 guests. I think I am feeling some dame bramage this morning from riding Griffon a few too many times... Thanks for a fun night, BGW! Now I am off to the coaster tour!
Feb 9, 2013
Here are some other things for the 40th that I noticed yesterday:


I'm actually not entirely sure which old hamlet he is supposed to be from. He was walking around in Killarney, so I just assumed Hastings, but I suppose he could've been a throwback from Threadneedle Faire also. He is certainly an interesting character, he walks around in a sort of creepy way, wearing a rag-tag costume, with a pull-string mouse that he pulls around and scares people with. :p


Yes, there is a very nice street actor now in Aquitaine! She sings around the seating area in the front of Josephine's. She is actually a very gifted singer, probably one of the best in the park. She sings some beautiful French songs. One being maybe a familiar one if you've seen the Madagascar movies, Je Regrette Rien(I Regret Nothing). She really makes a nice ambiance. Around the area and has a very nice costume.


I believe I'm not mistaken, because the Music now played on Killarney Crossing(which is decked out in Hastings theming) is not what is playing inside Killarney, and sounds very midevil. I like it a lot.

Also, some other things I forgot to mention. There's a bagpiper playing in either Killarney or Heatherdowns, I'm not entirely sure which, I just saw him walking to a backstage area in the Wild Reserve. There's also a small(3 piece) Oompa band playing under the Gazebo in Rhinefeld, which is actually composed completely of returning musicians.

All of these street performances really give the park so much life, and more things to see. Especially considering they're not the overdone productions we typically see inside the theaters. And I'm even more happy to here they'll be here for the rest of the summer. They all really make the celebration special.


Pusheen Gardens
Silver Donor
Jul 20, 2011
Williamsburg, VA
I must say...and you all know how I really try not to go negative….but I just can't help it this time.
The 40th Anniversary Fireworks were IllumiNights fireworks …same show…same music. They couldn't have used the music from the documentary? Or just do something especial? Even the ending with the IllumiNights announcer coming on saying the same thing as they did back during IllumiNights.
But what really left a bad taste in my mouth..? Leaving the park..and being greeted by half of England fenced off for a “special event.” What about us park visitors? Why not have a special event like that for us…like Kings Dominion did. I would have bought a ticket..or reservation. That was just a big middle finger to all of your visitors that made any of this possible! They even had a table out filled with bags of gifts to all those VIPs. Very disappointed.
bgbackdoor said:
two renovated le mans cars not just one

big bad wolf car

possible drachen fire car

*not likely to stay put in that spot
Do you know if the big bad wolf car is still coming out??? I haven't seen it. :( If you could let us know that would be great!
Sep 20, 2013
I just got a direct response about the V.I.P event. They showed the film to all of the filmmakers, almost every previous GM, and anyone who helped make the event possible. Now all the V.I.P are having a party in Banbury. Nice to see the park acknowledge the people who made the documentary and who played major roles in the park.


Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
So, wait. BGW closed off half of Banbury for some VIP event, when they are supposed to be inviting their guests to celebrate their 40th anniversary? It kind of highlights who they actually care about, I think. Couldn't they have done the event elsewhere, or at a different time?
Apr 21, 2010
I just want to say I went to the park on Friday. First I'm pissed, I had no idea there was a ride night. 2nd really the only interesting 40th anniversary stuff was all the Hastings flashbacks. Other wise it was just signs in the park here and there.
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Apr 7, 2011
What??!?!? they had a ride night on Friday???? Awwwwwww :( and as far as the fireworks we watched them from the England parking lot and the few notes I could here sounded like the Illuminights music smh something told me it would be a big hot mess inside the park so didn't even go in last night....such a shame
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May 6, 2014
Hampton, VA USA
I edited my post about the Friday Ride Night to remove the comment I made about it seeming last minute. I checked my fridge and right there on the Fun Planner it reads "Ride Night 8 - 10." The park also emailed me about it but it's obvious from the low attendance passholders missed the message or had other commitments. This was a busy weekend with much going on in the region.

While I missed the firework show, I share disappointment with Luke it was the old IllumiNights show. The documentary was not bad and brought a tear to my eye a couple of times. It is a good promotional video for the park and should be distributed through every available means (probably why there are so few hardcopies).

As a whole, Founders Weekend surpassed my expectations given the austerity measures.
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