Defunct Dark Ride Curse of DarKastle

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Resident of Mad King Ludwig's Castle
Feb 8, 2018
North Carolina
I just want to put my 2 cents in. This was one of my favorite attractions at BGW, and I hope that it will be replaced with something more than it was. After watching the development video, I got very nostalgic. I would want it to come back, but I doubt that will happen. Goodbye King Ludwig and all of your ghosts and ghouls, You will be forever missed...
Sep 29, 2009
Here is something that few people ever had the chance to admire - the queue line music loop for Curse of DarKastle! After some editing of this, it is now available for all to enjoy.


Some of you familiar with Rammstein (I'm not well-versed on them) may notice some familiar synth patches.

For those that might have missed it: I also have the onboard audio by itself on my SoundCloud. It sounds very strange without any of the outside noise that you're used to. If anyone believes they can help me clean up this RAW audio file, please let me know, or send me a PM, preferably on ParkFans. Thanks. :)
Apr 30, 2015
My husband loved this ride. Kinda sad to see it go, but if i understood right it was more of a problem than a benefit.
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Professional Snack Provider
Feb 9, 2018
if you look closely you can see they left the wolf statues in the design as if they didn't take them out already... :'(
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Feb 6, 2016
The Hessian said:
Went by Darkastle this morning and looking at it now is just damn depressing.
Same. Such a bummer. The only thing that remains resembling the ride is the clock outside of the entrance, still iced over at 12:00 on the dot, now forever frozen in time as just a memory of what once was.
Sep 29, 2009
As a huge fan of DarKastle, I am actually impressed with the changes. I have a feeling that they aren't finished, but the only difference is that they painted the building maybe two shades lighter. Now people can see the castle as slightly creepy, or just beautiful. It still has the same shield adornments, but with fresh paint. I love the new flowerbed in the old fountain basin. The fountain has been neglected for so long, but the flowerbed gives me some peace of mind.

They could have just left it to sit and deteriorate like Tampa has done with all of their recent closures. They also could have changed it beyond recognition so that fans have nothing to remind them of their beloved ride. Instead, they gave it a facelift that could still fit the name "DarKastle", but is also befitting of "NewKastle".


Feb 12, 2011
Near Richmond
I thought the powdery-white paint the most external part of the facade (the entrance and the main tower) received looked quite nice up close. It had a sort of graceful, regal appearance. The flower bed that has filled the old moat actually looks very pretty and lends a cheerful look to the castle.

However, my group noticed that the white paint looks less attractive the farther you move from the castle. From Verbolten's entrance, for example, the gray undertones of the stone were hard to make out, and the castle looked like a glaring white blob; it looked unfinished, as if it had been coated in primer.

Moreover, while I applaud the park for at least doing something to distinguish "NewKastle" with the paint and flower bed, there are still lots of depressing reminders of DarKastle's premature demise. Ludwig's family crest is still present on both sides of the castle gate, and beyond the structure that backs up against the midway, the facade still has its dark stone color, complete with painted-on ice. Even the clock outside the entrance is still "frozen in time" at 12 o'clock and covered in plastic icicles. The frame for DarKastle's sign is even still in place, making it all the more obvious that something is missing. (And as a nitpick, the right-hand side of the moat is still filled with water, creating a bit of asymmetry.)

Overall, I'm glad the castle got a bit of a makeover, but it is heartbreaking to gaze longingly through the closed castle gates into the remains of an attraction that is "beyond your reach."
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