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Yes the park commissioned Corkscrew Hill
I know this is very much later. But I'm just curious.

Where did you obtain this information?

Because according to SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment, Seaworld P&E currently owns the film, preventing SimEx-Iwerks from releasing the original files. This confuses me that they even have the files, since they weren't the original studio to create the film. Does anyone know more about what SimEx-Iwerks' involvement was?

That being said, I'm currently waiting on input about this from Synthespian Studios.

This begs the question. If Busch owned the rights, and still does own it, what the hell are they doing letting it just sit there and rot?

UPDATE: The developer of CSH, Synthespian Studios, says Busch Gardens owns the rights to the film. However, Synthespian has the rights to use the film outside of the theme park world. Interesting. My question still stands, what the hell is BGW doing with it?
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I think Shane means that Busch Gardens commissioned Synthespians. Synthespians supposedly had plans to turn Corkscrew Hill into a feature film, but I bet those plans have fallen through since then. Busch Gardens often leases their movies at least partially to companies like SimEx-Iwerks and Falcon's Creative when they finish with them. It's a way that they can continue to make money off of them. Several of those movies have SeaWorld branding all over them, but other places can still use them.

Edit: I just saw that Ice already mentioned the full-length film in another thread.
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My question still stands, what the hell is BGW doing with it?

letting it sit there like the le mans car, old log flume cars, a BBW train . . .

when attractions die, they get put on a shelf to do nothing. at least with this they can lease out the movie and still make profit
This was only a huge pain in the ass to extract.

Here is probably the closest thing we will get to the ride footage Busch is currently sitting on. The quality is better than I remember. Preshow is a bit wonky, but the main show looks great. Who knew it was in 720p.

I have a feeling that Corkscrew Hill was more than 720p, but part of the file size might have been the surround sound audio. The original file size was 16 GB between the pre-show and main show. Either way, I am so happy to have the full video, including some material that they removed in the pre-show. I would be ecstatic to have the entire soundtrack, especially the walkout music. They had the walkout music playing during Howl-O-Scream one year in Mischief and Mayhem. I wanted to get a recording, but I had to leave. Kubilay Üner, the composer, gave me the pre-show soundtrack to share with all of you. Hopefully, he or the park will release the rest sometime. That, or maybe I will finish removing the vocals someday
Here's the link to the hotel...

When Paddy and Fenton find a mysterious wooden box, they set out to sell the mystical contents to a witch who lives on Corkscrew Hill. Twist and turn on your quest through the spooky forest inhabited by mythical creatures like fairies, screaming banshees and evil trolls! Will the luck of the Irish be with you?

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