2018 Park Changes and Projects

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Jun 16, 2013
warfelg said:
horsesboy said:
I don't recall having seen this any place before but the all day locker price has gone up to $6.
Is it strange that I'm not bothered at all?  $5 for all day was kinda a steal anyways.
I am not either. But I do know some people prefer to use cash to pay and thought that they might appreciate the heads up.
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Aug 19, 2013
I used to think $5 dollars was a good deal until I went to Disney. They allow bags on almost every ride (maybe all but not positive). On the one ride that your items could get wet, they provide the same lockers as BGW with no charge for 2 hours. Now I feel that BGW should provide theirs for free too. Especially since they don't allow bags on most rides. But then again, $6 is not that much money...I am torn.
Aug 13, 2011
I thought Disney had cornered the market on German-inspired fairy tale theming involving little people. Maybe not?

It's not the Travelocity gnome, and Google strikes out looking for a conneciton to a visually similar gnome.


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Jun 8, 2013
Noticed one thing this last weekend that kind of pissed me off. A lot of the drink stands have raised the price for a bottle of water up to $3.49 from $3.29. There's no way a bottle of water needs to be this expensive. Don't know if this is park wide as some places still had the lower price listed. I know I can buy a free refill cup but I don't want to have to cart that around all day.
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May 27, 2011
Something that perturbed me and was a waste of time...and this is just part of a weekly string of events related to product mis-information and product knowledge at different stores...
I waited in line for a cup of coffee at the gelato shop for them to tell me they don't serve coffee. I specifically waited in line because "coffee" is on the menu. Then, they said go to Marco Polo's. There is a Starbucks inside. I had to wait in line again 'cause the line was out the door. I got inside at the Starbucks and they said, we don't have cups of coffee in here, that's outside near the registers. Aghhhh! I found the coffee next to the sofa machines and there were two coffee pots, but I couldn't tell what was what. I asked a lovely cashier who said, light and dark roast. Great. I go for the light roast...aaaand it's empty. I go back to the lovely and helpful cashier who makes a new pot. I finally make my coffee and go. ...15 minutes later...

All of this to say,
-if your going to remove an item from your restaurant, take it off of the menu! That's not difficult.
- basic product knowledge or product education for staff. If I ask for a cup of coffee at the gelato shop, then I'm not looking for a frappaccino or a latte. Please direct my to the coffee pots near the soda fountains, not in the Starbucks where they don't serve coffee...which is fine but ironic in my opinion.
- if you label your Coke different from your Rootbeer and lemonade taps or bud lite from your Linenkugel, is it unreasonable to label light roast from dark roast or decaf.
I mentioned it nicely to the employees to tell their manager to fix the menu in the gelato shop. That one minute change could have shortened this obscenely long post down to-

I had a pretty good cup of coffee Saturday afternoon.
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