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Apr 12, 2012
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Pretzel Kaiser said:
Dwight: Let me to go into further detail about why I don't like it.  Vertical lifts are rather uncomfortable to me, so when you factor in the mandatory terrible music, it feels like something out of Clockwork Orange.  The music also does nothing to enhance the ride experience like a dark ride, it's only a gimmick.  They should at the very least give the option for no music.  What's even the theme here?  This is the only ride in the park without a cohesive theme (Unless you consider "PARTY PARTY PARTY" a theme, in which it would be the Killarney Kommotion coaster(Koaster?(KKK?))) and it's out of place besides rides like Mummy and the park's other movie rides.

Even if the layout wasn't 50% break run, it felt forced into it's small footprint in the worst way possible.  It feels out of place at this park because the other rides seem to have their space made for them instead of being shoehorned in.  Maybe if it was at a Six Flags, the difference in quality to the park's other rides wouldn't be as noticeable.  However, this is at the same park as The Mummy and the sister park to where The Hulk is and the difference was simply stunning.  Maybe this isn't the worst coaster in the world, but Universal is so much better than H:RRR.  This thing cost $45 Million?!

Matthew: Verbolten does the same, and there are nice touches.  There's no reason all of the major rides can't do this.  A little imagination does wonders for a theme.

the vertical lift and its impact on the park visually are the only things I really dislike about it. Personally the music makes me excited and it really increases the ride for ME, I guess it doesnt for others.

and it is more of a six flags coaster I guess, but its fun to me so Im happy its in the park

Owls R A Hoot

Mother, you're driving me insane
Sep 9, 2012
North Carolina <3
When we watched the Horror Make Up show at Universal both times they would pick a volunteer that was from another country with limited english. Both times they did the "knife" stunt their faces were priceless. It is messed up but so dang funny. lol

The Beetlejuice show is my one of my favorites at Universal Orlando and now that it has been revamped I can't wait to see the improvements next month.
Hopefully next time you will be able to check it out too. :)

Looks like you had a great trip though.
Apr 5, 2011
I'm just going to add this stuff here since I'm not sure it warrants it's own thread. I was there last week and was able to do some stuff I didn't do in April.

London/Daigon Alley: AMAZING. I was left stunned over the detail here. They really outdid themselves here. The interactive wand aspect only added to the things. The tech here was a tad spotty and didn't work all, but some of the areas had attendants to help people with their magics. I really hope that parks pick up on this since I could have spent hours playing around with the magic and I was more than willing to spend $40 to do so.

Escape from Gringotts: While I appreciate the sophistication of the ride system, the ride didn't really do much. It was extremely short, didn't offer much movement, and simply wasn't fun.

Hogwarts Express: I really enjoyed it. A relaxing transportation ride that took you between the two different HP areas. The short movies that were played were cool as well.

The Cat in a Hat: A really well made dark ride. There was plenty going on here and never really had a dull moment. This would have been terrifying if it had clowns.

Suess Landing Trains: I know that's not what they're called, but whatever. I appreciate what they're doing, but I didn't find it too exciting. This would be really more stimulating for children.

Dr. Doom's Tower: The themeing is top-notch, but the ride is meh. I like that it both shot you up and dropped you, but since it's not that tall, it doesn't do anything really. Still better than Mach Tower.

Jurassic Park River Adventure: Still my favorite ride here. I got to do it at night and it was amazing. 10/10 worth the hypothermia.

MIB: Zimmy got 49k, I got 199k. Not to gloat or anything...

One other thing that I thought was really cool was that the staff member treated me like /I/ was in character. I was wearing this shirt which is a well known fictional company from a video game series called Portal. A lot of the cast members there made references to me as if I was an employee of that company by asking, "Are you allowed to leave?" or "Are you here for some research?" I had no idea how to respond, but I thought it was really cool just the lengths that people will go to maintain a character and to draw the guest into that experience. This solidified my position as those two being my favorite theme parks.
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