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Feb 9, 2018
did anyone else notice that they spent (I'm assuming) hundreds of dollars on a HUGE prop dragon skeleton only to keep the head to use for this year? that used to be one of the coolest parts of last year's Frostbite aside from the fake snow and strobe light/black light rooms. Where is it at?

also did anyone else think of sindragosa from WoW when they saw the dragon skeleton? or just me?


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Feb 9, 2018
yo that show looks lit! (literally) the johnny cash music was cool
the prop doesn't look like a t-rex skull, and it has wing bones, so is it just a somewhat edited version of this huge dinosaur skeleton?
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Sep 29, 2009
I made an audio recording of my observations/reactions to all of the houses on Sunday except for Demented Dimensions. I wasn't planning to do this, but I realized quickly how boring my recording of FrostBite would be since I kept saying things like "Ice., More ice., Looks like Bitten., etc." Therefore, instead of writing a regular review, I decided to write out my real-time first reactions to the house. I think you can tell how bored I was. Lol.

I'm sure this will be more interesting/funny if you have already been through the maze. Still, I hope this type of coverage may catch on here since there is no other way of documenting the houses. (Hint hint!) Anyway, Enjoy!

"(Waiting on the former exit platform of DarKastle. The line was stacked almost to the large exit door.)
-We are looking at the skull. (Same large skull from last year.)
-Still waiting to get in.
-About to go in.
-People are just pointing, sorting us. (Scene that was in the library room last year.)
-There are knights all around us and it looks like Bitten. (Stone walls.)
-Both hallways look a little bit different.
-There are picture frames on our side. We chose the right side, or they chose it for us. -Still looks like Bitten.
-All of the picture frames are crooked.
-That was pointless as we are now joining the same people. It’s too obvious what they just did.
-This room looks very large. It’s the room that was formally in the old twisted hallway scene. You can look up and see some of the scenic detail from the first scene of Curse of DarKastle. In other words, the wolves are still here. (I was referring to the ones on the windows.)
-This kind of reminds me of Revenge of Pompeii. (Large shelves. Looks similar to the catacombs segment at the end.)
(Sounds of pots clanging.)
-The kitchen.
-Very long dining table. (Largest, most distinguishable scene, but rather empty.)
-Things are starting to get weird, upside down.
-There’s snow.
-There’s a blackout curtain and now I can’t see. Now it’s just dark all around.
-Very generic.
-Looks like Bitten again.
-Just some brick on the bottom of the floor and the ice king.
-Nice throne.
-The throne is the highlight so far. Now there’s ice all around, solid ice and now there’s the clear ice.
-There was someone in camo netting down by my side- white camo netting.
-There are two pathways. Actually, it’s just a column in the middle of the path.
-More ice, but there are no lights behind them. (The ice last year was clear, with blue lights shining from behind.)
-The head of the fire giant. (Compared to the entire skeleton last year.)
(A drop door slams down and one of our members gets it good. Lol.)
-The gargoyles from The Enchanted Laboratory.
-It’s the first scene again, right up ahead. (The windows from DarKastle.)
-The gargoyle that was used on the Vampire Point Hotel. (Not the one from ELAB and Secrets of Castle O’Sullivan)
-The black part of the upside down room and more gargoyles on my right, the ones that were used in Monster Stomp Revamped in the last year.
-And that was it. Now we are at the bottom of the old DarKastle exit-way."

Edit: Clarified that the recording was audio-only.
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used to like pompeii alot, as my username implied
May 14, 2019
Those photos are both post-DarKastle-demolition Frostbite. I think I have some stuff from the first year too—I'll have to see what I can find.
Have you found any? I think it would be really interesting.
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