Bug Reporting

ParkFans Network Bug Reporting

To report a bug, simply start a new thread in the new Bug Reports Forum.

Bug Tracker Labels

Label Notes
Unresolved Just like it says on the can, any ticket that is still outstanding and unresolved. Will always be accompanied by another label to indicate what its current status is. Automatically applied to every ticket when opened.
Resolved Completed, Finished, Done. A ticket that has been Resolved means there is nothing else to be done with it. It'll always have a response stating what the outcome of the ticket is. Can sometimes be combined with the Won't Fix label, and only Administrators can apply it.
Ongoing No
New So shiny. A New ticket is just that, New. It means that it hasn't been acknowledge by site staff yet, and work hasn't started on it. It'll automatically be applied, just like Unresolved, when a ticket is opened.
In Progress
Won't Fix No way, no how; a Won't Fix bug is one that the Administrators have decided is something that can't or won't be fixed. Doesn't mean that it can't be revisited in the future, but we'll always provide an explanation on why it's a Won't Fix bug. Always accompanies a Resolved label, and can only be applied by the Administrators.

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