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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
A friend of mine spoke with a few of the animal keepers at BGT recently and asked a some questions at my behest.  I thought I'd share the random bits of information he gleaned:

1. The new, expanded elephant habitat was due to be completed last week, but has been delayed.  He said the gated area looks abut twice as large as the old one.  Once it is finished, they hope to move Spike (the new bull) in, so he can start interacting with the females.

2. Once all of the elephants are settled in, the Elephant Keeper Experience will once again be offered.  There is no precise timeline, because it will depend on how quickly the elephants adapt.

3. BGT is currently keeping all of its animals, except for the residents of Rhino Rally.  The recent budget cuts do not seem to have affected the Zoological Department at BGT, unlike BGW.

4. The Tiger and Orangutan Keeper Experience has been "replaced" by the Jungala Insider tour.
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