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Jul 7, 2010
This should be kind of interesting. If you were head of design/entertainment, what would you change? Now I'm not talking rides or roller coasters, but shows, theming (sp), atmosphere, events, etc.

I'll come up with a list soon, but top of the list.

1.) Repaint Pepto-Bismol Tower in Aquitaine.

Let's be creative here...

-Sky (the man who wants this job one day)
Well since my dream is to become a roller coaster engineer for S@S...

Add the effects back to LNM
Re-Add The animatronic Lochness Monster to the Queue of LNM
Add color gels to more lights for the pathways
Add more lights to some sections of the pathways
Add a large Back-up generator to the park( and i mean BIG!!!)
Open up some of the haunted houses all year round like Bitten and Hunted

Just to name a few...
Great idea for a thread Skyrider! Here it goes:

Major Projects

Year One:
I'd completely re-theme Festa Italia to Greece. This transformation would involve redoing the outsides of most all of the building in the area, renaming some of the flat rides, covering and enlarging the train station, and replacing the water balloon game with another kid-friendly flat ride. The fate of Roman Rapids would be decided by the crowds it drew the year before. If the choice was made to remove it, planning would begin on a new family coaster and intense flat ride (most likely a Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster and a Huss Top Spin or Giant Frisbee). If Roman Rapids is kept, it would receive new water effects and a dark ride section.

Year Two:
Europe In The Air would be revamped. The current ride system would be replaced with a Vekoma I-Ride system and a new (and longer) film would be created. The loss in capacity caused be the longer movie would be made up for by the increased capacity of the I-Ride system. Other changes would be made to Ireland's buildings as well. Specifically to give Ireland a bit of a darker and more mystic fell- especially at night (by way of a complete revamp of the lighting in the area.

Year Three:
New France would be re-themed to Switzerland. Very few themeing changes would need to be made for this transformation. The main differences would be ride name, building names, and the name over the area on the map.

Year Four & Beyond:
The main things for the future would include the Royal Palace Theater being enclosed and re-themed. This would allow for a re-purposing of the Globe Theater in England and allow for larger performances to be held in an indoor setting. This would be especially useful for Christmas Town and Howl-O-Scream.

Smaller Tweaks

Improve the environment around Griffon by adding more trees, covered areas, and themeing- especially around the splashdown and lift hill areas.

Reinstate the special effects found in Nessie's tunnel.

Return DarKastle to its former glory (ballroom scene, special effects, preshow, etc.).

Plant native trees, shrubs, and flowers in open areas of the Trains route around the park (especially near the Royal Palace Theater).

Add more "exaggerated" theming to the area around Alpengeist improving upon the Alpine Village theme.

Restore the sawmill theming inside the building on Le Scoot.

Add climate controlled eating areas to the Smokehouse.

Add more water fountains to the park and make the ones already there work. Also, the free ice water that can be obtained from drink stands would be advertized.

Add more clocks to the park.

I'll add more if I think of any.
I must say that I wholeheartedly agree with all of your retheming and design ideas, Swiftman. I would like to see New France changed into a country that could have a Viking theme to it. I know it sounds like it has the potential to be very cheesy, but if it was done well, it could be very cool. Then, a dueling GG wooden terrain coaster would be nice, too, but that's just wishful thinking...
First off, rewind about a year or so. Scratch the EitA Project, then tease for something big in the area.


-During the off season and beginning parts of the operating season make a new concert venue. This would be facing the Rhine and would use the terrain to create a natural stadium effect.
-Open a new path, complete with bridge, to about the area that scrambler is.
-Put Mach Tower in where Corkscrew hill was, with a themed hole in the roof. Making it look like you're rising out of a castle.


-Put a B&M stand-up with several inversions in FHP.
-Kaiserpreis, the replacement for Le Mans opens in the valley where BBW was. The original Kaiserpreis was held in the Tanus mountain of Germany, fitting the theme perfectly.


-Add a top spin behind Der Marketplatz and open up paths around it.
-Remove the Battering Ram and replace it with the Battering Ram; Inverting Battering Ram that is...


-make the path behind Roman Rapids much wider. Put in a small vineyard for use on special tours, and open a formal resturant
-open a large outdoor eating area, serving food from all of the countries, next to the stand-up coaster. Theme this to a sort of world's fair.

2015 or 2014

-Import a small coaster from another park that has a low height limit. Put this either between England and Ireland, or put it behind the new stand up coaster.

Create a bridge parallel to the train bridge connecting the World's Fair Food Market with the Italian countryside.
Swiftman said:
I hate it when a place just throws up lights. Lights should be used to accent things and add to a theme- not just to light pathways.

Thats what im saying i used to volunteer as a lighting tech and trust me lighting on buildings and such make a drastic difference.
you know what would be kinda cool (I know this is a little "Disney-ish," but) if there were like street actors or something throughout the park dressed up in garments specific to their area. They could get people who speak those languages and have them just roam around doing natural day-to-day things as if they were actually at home...just a would add to the theming and wouldn't cost a lot to implement seeing as how its just like a park-wide show.

This could definitely help with Howl-o-scream as in New France when the clock strike 6, the actors start freaking out, running around frantically, and screaming to find shelter...then the guys with chainsaws would start running out towards the crowd of people. This adds fear and tenseness to the crowd and ups the scare factor...they could also do this throughout the park when the clock strikes 6
GREAT IDEA, I would love that, escpecially the Howl-O-Scream. Im taking german and i might could be an actor for germany since i got the blonde hair blue eyes!

I mean street actors are the best! They're normally really funny and they get to fully interact with the guests...and especially during Howl-O-Scream they can make it A LOT scarier
Im taking German also, and I was playing a game in Oktoberfest, and the game guy was talking in German. Well he said I was going to lose (I dont think he thaught I knew German) so in German I replied no I am not....... he was a little suprised.....
Well maybe we both could be steet actors, I heard that a fudge maker in the german village knew german and that if you talked to her in german she could have a conversation with you.
Alright, here goes:

Howl-O-Scream - Incorporate Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, Plague, Great Fire of London. The Victorian Trend they went with last year was spot-on, the only thing it was lacking was the dirt. The Victorian Era was an insanely glamorous period for a few, and yet an absolutely horrifying period for most. Tell you the truth, I think there should be less lighting, less activity. Maybe pump in smells of soot?
ChristmasTown - I highly doubt that any changes will be made anytime soon, besides, the area doesn't exactly lend itself to major theming changes anyway. However, A Dickens-era, ala Christmas Carol overlay would be fitting, however, if you read the unabridged version of Carol, it's actually a very dark novel, set in a rather unhappy, and quite dilapidated area of London. In other words, the park would have to take the "happy road" with A Christmas Carol. With that in mind, A Christmas Carol in the Globe, anyone?
Non-Event Related - 1.) Take down the employee wall to Forest of Fun. I believe it was a marketing strategy, and it worked, but FoF has been live for going on three years now. People know it's there. Same goes for the altering of the Skyride queue.
2.) Globe-wise, the Beatles were brought up. Good idea and could be easily executed. Obviously Shakespeare fits, but it definietly doesn't pander to the crowds. Now, on further analysis of the park, no show in the park is sincerely funny. This leaves for insane creative license with taking a play and maybe doing a spin on it, maybe a little bit funny, maybe a little bit updated. Now this would probably work better for an IllumiNights event, but you never know.
3.) "Streetmosphere" was brought up. FINALLY. It could be implemented in all countries, but with England, we could very well see 1700-esque aristocrats looking through the fudge shop, peddlers with tin cans, budding Shakespearean acting troupes (some better than others).

That's all this time. One country is enough for now.

I think that street actors would add SO much to this park. An interactive "play" all day long that never gets old!

I just had a "Brainblast!" For HOS it would be really cool if England's "power went out" at 6:00 and came back on around 30 seconds later and there were the "scary people" that popped out of nowhere...if not at 6 then it would have to be when it's COMPLETELY dark outside.

Probably the wrong thread but good street/scare actors could pull it off perfectly
So I had a HUGE MONUMENTAL thought in the shower...I'll go country by country and by seasons

Ok so if I were in charge of the park for a season:
in england I would put a quality 4D movie in the globe
In scotland there isn't much to do besides the ever popular restoration of nessies strobe effects
In Ireland:
April-mid may: questor where eita is now
Mid may-end of June: king Arthurs quest (or whatever it was called)
July: corkscrew hil
First 2 weeks of august: closed for renovations
End of august: all new revamped Europe in the air with soarin like seats and new video Footage
In the wild reserve: new revamped show replacing shenanigans and maybe 1 or 2 more wolves
In the aquataine area: enclosure of royal palace theatre, new marquee, and the techie booth in the back making room for more seating and less obstructions
In new France: this all depends on how "Le Catapult" and it's queue area works out...reopen the eagles nest area by the train station
In germany: bring the dancers from the festhaus to the little gazebo in the middle of pathway
In Oktoberfest: so this all depends on how the retheming works out with this area...but right now I would restore all of DarKastle's effects, remove the game stands right across for DK and put in a (to be decided) oh and restoring the bridge to the heres to the heroes signs
In Italy/festa italia: this all depends on how the area is doing at the time

Entertainment department:
Street actors...period.
New show in festhaus
concert line ups depend on who's hot at the time
New show in castle o'sullivan

New shows
Festive non-tacky decorations

New mazes
*refer to a couple posts ago about the street actors*
Maze in the woods
Amazing shows perfectly themed to area
Festa dementia...duh
Haunted train...duh
Really make it the scare is everywhere...even in the bathrooms haha =)

Christmas town:
Not many changes there's fine the way it is really
Gropplo said:
even in the bathrooms haha =)

Haha that would be funny. Although if someone already has to go to the bathroom, scaring them might not be the best idea haha.
michaelcollier1 said:
Gropplo said:
even in the bathrooms haha =)

Haha that would be funny. Although if someone already has to go to the bathroom, scaring them might not be the best idea haha.

haha well you'd be able to get in and out quicker...a lot quicker
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