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#1 Twisted Timbers Fanboy
Mar 26, 2022
If you could make the perfect park with one coaster from each Cedar Fair park, which coasters would you choose?
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Steel vengeance or Millie
Shivering timbers
Zambezi zinger
Mystic timbers
Flight deck
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Mine would be as follows:
KD: Dominator
CP: SteVe
KI: Mystic Timbers
KBF: Xcelerator
CGA: Railblazer
Carowinds: Fury 325
DP: Talon
WOF: Spinning Dragons (originally was Prowler but i didn’t want 2 GCI’s)
MA: Zach’s Zoomer ( had to have a family coaster)
VF: Steel Venom
CW: Yukon Striker
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Cedar Point: maverick
Kings Island: mystic timbers
Carowinds: Fury 325
Kings Dominion: Twisted Timbers
Worlds of Fun: spinning dragons
Dorney Park: talon
Canadas Wonderland: snoopy express (or whatever next years coaster is called)
Michigan’s Adventure: wild mouse
Knotts: Ghostrider
CGA: railblazer
Valleyfair: steel venom

Tried to get somewhat of a balance between extreme, intermediate, and family coasters in here. I would’ve liked one more intermediate coaster in there but I think it’s relatively balanced. Two coasters with Timbers in the name would confuse the hell out of the average guest, though
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