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^ Did you do this, Pretzel Kaiser?! I think this thing goes above and beyond #funchallenge...
Indeed, it was great. I'll be doing this again in the future. Although #funchallenge wasn't fair because I've never done it so I haven't had an opinion to ignore for #funchallenge.
I consider this a #FunChallenge, regardless of how many times you may or may not have done it previously. Looking at it is horrifying enough.
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It's a very unique experience at the park. I also get the feeling that the price is to kind of keep demand low. If too many people do it then it wouldn't be worth the wait.
*sigh* I guess I'm the only one in a very small minority who really doesn't care for this up-charge ride at all. Not because I'm chicken, I have done it before; but the time is slowly coming for something new to take it's place.

Plus this ride was one of the rides that killed any good chances of the classic train ride returning (by taking place in the very same spot where the station was).
I also dislike this attraction. I'm against up-charge attractions in general, but I really don't like this one. It's unattractive, expensive, and takes up plenty of room for a decent flat or two.

That's not to mention the slight grudge I hold against this attraction for replacing the Old Dominion Line.
Moving my response from the Planet Snoopy thread:

A friend of mine worked the Skyflyer a few years ago. Although his paycheck was made out by Kings Dominion, he was trained by an outside company, which I believe was Skycoaster, Inc. I assume the manufacturer's involvement in the ride's operation implies that the ride is contracted.
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