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Oct 18, 2012
Referring to the remaining land owned by Busch in Kingsmill, the Daily Press reported today that "Xanterra will acquire the remaining Busch Properties land,along with its rights as developer and "will be able to add land and home sites to the community without a membership vote." They plan to build at least 120 new homes. I guess it's not directly related to the park but we're about to get some new, probably noise-averse, neighbors.
I read it in the Daily Press but looking at it more closely, they got it off the wire from the Gazette...,0,6004854.story
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The only homes that could have some affect on the park are the Wareham's Pond homes since that area sits pretty close to the park boundary. The homes around the resort could have an effect as well.

All the other homes are located away from the park and closer to the river (assuming my neighborhood navigation skills are correct).

- This neighborhood already has enough houses, not to mention one goes up for sale on a weekly basis. No need for more.
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There is a nice 4 bedroom 3 & 1 1/2 bath house for rent for $3,400. That comes with a golf course view. I do not want to think what a waterfront will go for. Just searching for the one made me a little sick.
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