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[split] This is Oktoberfest (1976 to 2011, 2013 to Present)

SDG said:
[...]Have no idea what his deal is with alphorns.[...]

It may just be me, but I cant help but wonder if he has something against real German culture. It was very obvious that Oktoberfest gets very little respect with its shows. Look at the show when they ruined it in 2011. Between that, an Illuminights costumes, I hate to say it, but I, being half-German found it very offensive, if not racist. That aside, I have German cousins that come to visit all the time. To my surprise, they loved This is Oktoberfest! However, when they came back, and saw the changes to the show in 2011, they looked right down embarrassed. Their faces were all red, but they didn't want to say anything about it. I'm sure they would love this year's version of the show, because Oktoberfest is a 200+ year tradition, so in this case, small stereotypes don't matter as much to them. All that other stuff;red stickers for blush, pretzel-shaped hair,and bleach blonde wigs,etc. was really overkill. /ends rant/
[split] This is Oktoberfest (1976 to 2011, 2013 to Present)

I agree whole-heartedly! Most employees felt the same way you did. It was a mockery to the German culture and the original show as well. SG will not have anything in the park that wasn't his idea or finds some way to take credit for certain things that already exist. He even had his bosses thinking that Christmas town was his idea as well as other shows but those of us that know better knew it was his predecessor's ideas. We have a lot of true German friends that love to give Carl an earful when he walks around about what you described being offensive.
I created a thread for Wudnerbarn and moved SDG's and CastleOSullivan's posts here.

Anyway, yes, thank you! I agree with both of you 100%. There were sections of the show that I found downright tasteless and, to echo those above, offensive as well. At the very least, it was clear that the entire show's existence was just a big "F#&% you" to anyone who was disappointed with the removal of This is Oktoberfest. I have to say, out of all of the blotches on Scott's record, Wunderbarn is still one of the ones that stands out to me the most. I watched the show again just now (video in the first post) and my heart just sank. I can't believe that was shown at Busch Gardens.
From what someone told me, the original Wunderbarn show was about 20 minutes long, then Scott took a look through it and butchered out all of the actually good joke and funny moments and guest interaction moments. They can about half the show down, if not a bit more.
Zachary said:
Wiki page coming soon...

Yeah lets not write one for this "show" and just let it die.

Seriously, this was the stupidest show I've ever seen at the park. That tree there now is so much better. And people said budget cuts are bad....
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"Wunderbarn" was nothing short of the most atrocious, bad, and completely vile things to be put into existence, let alone at BGW. It makes "OktoberZest" look like a flawless show made by human hands that Bob Bauman would be proud of.
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