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Aug 17, 2010
We've all had great and memorable roller coaster rides - hopefully. But sometimes, the worst rides can make for better stories. So, here's a place to share your best of the worst rides you've ever had. It's obviously not a competition, because if it was, Fabio would win. :)

Mine begins on an unseasonably hot summer day in Valencia, CA at Six Flags Magic Mountain. If you've never been, you need to go. X2 is great and Tatsu is the reason why flyers are in vogue. Caveat: Skip Goliath. Just after eating overpriced mediocrity better known as lunch at the Mooseburger Lodge (not all amusement park food can be BGW food), my family and I headed over to Goliath, that ugly Miami orange coaster that looms 235 feet over the parking lot. I love hypercoasters, but I soon found out that this was no Apollo's Chariot. Sure, plummeting 25.5 stories at 85 is great fun, but after traversing airless hills and coming to an awkward block brake setup, I was seriously considering that Goliath was much worse than it looked. Then, the layout changed its mind and decided to become a twister coaster, which I was alright with; obviously the airtime thing wasn't working out well anyway. We careened straight towards the double helix finale and I was set for some intense g-forces. And were they ever intense. I loved it. The pressure making my cheeks flush up against my face. I anticipated the end of the helix and the subsequent ceasing of the weight of the world on my head, but it failed to end. Spinning, dizzying around in circles we went. Beads of sweat broke across my brow. My breath shortened and my head began to throb. My arms dropped from the sky - a good indicator that something was wrong. Bobbing my head in circles like I belonged in some distant and deranged institution, the sight of the tracked blurred before me. Then, I realized I had no peripheral vision and the horrendous color scheme of Goliath faded to grayscale in a matter of seconds. By this time, I was convinced that I had unintentionally offended my waitress at the Mooseburger and she irrationally countered by slipping roofies in my root beer. But alas, that was not the case. My brain pulsed with the pain of the G's as my mother and little sister sat behind me, oblivious to my injury and somehow enjoying the ride. Then, my grayscale world grew darker and darker as it converged to black on some imaginary central axis, and suddenly, the train mercifully plowed through the brake run and I was overjoyed by the sight of a coaster color scheme chosen by a Floridian nightclub. Surprisingly, the headache subsided after about fifteen minutes and I was enjoying rides again in almost no time. Then I experienced my worst ride ever... (To Be Continued)
Batwing at Six Flags America. This vekoma flyer does not feel safe at all and it was zero fun. Has anyone else rode this?
I've never ridden a Vekoma of any kind before, actually. I've heard the stories, and I am definitely too afraid. :s
1st: Shockwave @ King's Dominion [Togo Stand-up]
THE RIDE OF EVIL AND PAIN AND EVILNESS AND EVEN MORE PAIN- airtime on stand-up coasters is bad
2nd: Boss @ Six Flags St. Louis [CCI Woodie]
Parts of the ride are fine but most of it needed some serious retracking when I rode it (not that I expect Six Flags to do anything)- the helix is the most painful part of any ride I've ever been on
Ninja @ Six Flags St. Louis [Arrow Looper]
Boring ride with large amounts of pain near the end (it made the headache that I got on the Boss 10x worse)- those corkscrews are killers
pandorazboxx said:
Batwing at Six Flags America. This vekoma flyer does not feel safe at all and it was zero fun. Has anyone else rode this?

I've ridden the ride, and its not just Sic Flags America it is ALL Vekoma Flyers, but I do aggree it is one of the worst coasters. I prefer Shockwave more than Batwing. Also capacity on Batwing is horrible.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril at Disneyland Paris SUCKED!!!!!

The worst coaster ever created by Disney, or any theme park, by far. It's short, mild, back-breaking rough, has uncomfortable restraints, low amounts of theming, and a hidden loop that almost shattered my neck! I rode it in the beginning of the day when there was no line, and that wasn't even worth it. Later, the wait was 75 minutes, and I pitied them soooooooooo much for putting up with that queue and ride. I can't believe anybody would want to ride that death trap (except for all those brainwashed Disney fanatics out there).
The High Roller on top of the Stratosphere Casio in Las Vegas was the worst for me. I thought that it would be pretty cool being on top of the tower, but it was incredibly boring. It has small hills going around the tower, but they really can't do very much up there.
Yeah, I can see that. It's gone now; I guess many people agreed with your sentiment.
spencer said:
Gwazi, for me! Extremely rough and unenjoyable!

That could be fixed soon. Gwazi is getting new Millennium Flyer trains, and some of the track is getting refurbished. Anyways...

1. Shockwave - Kings Dominion. This ride is all kinds of awful. It's extremely rough and not fun in many different ways that I will not explain because it is so bad.

2. Sidewinder - Hersheypark/Head Spin - Geauga Lake.(Defunct) Vekoma copy-and-paste boomerangs. Head jerkiness like CRAZY, from the time you enter the first loop you want it to be over.

3. Hypersonic XLC - Kings Dominion.(Defunct) I don't care what you have to say, but I'm glad this ride is gone. It was loud, annoying, and aside from the launch and top hat, it had nothing else to offer. Unless you count slamming your leg into the harness during the crappy jerky as heck turns. And to cap it off, a REALLY loud brake run that tried to turn you inside out with how hard it was applied. Hardly worth the eternity's wait time it always had.

Honorable Mentions: Corkscrew @ Cedar Point, Python @ BGT, and 90% of all the kiddie coasters I've ridden.
Save one post on this thread, all of our worst rides were due to roughness or physical discomfort of some kind. I suppose this is to be expected.

My WORST ride came on Riddler's Revenge at Magic Mountain. It's a stand-up where the seat restraints adjust and conform to your size and liking. I got mine all set and was ready to ride. Then, as we pulled out of the station and up the lift hill, I leaned back and heard "CA-CHUNGA-CHUNKA-CHUNGK!" I realized that my restrained had not locked appropriately and slid down my body, putting all of my body's force on the small crotchrider. Of course, the restraint happened to lock there. I tried with all of my might to pull it up - obviously I couldn't, but I figured it was worth a shot. I prayed to God the whole way up the lift hill that the train suddenly come to a halt and that we would have to walk down the hill, but we inched over the precipice. That ride flat sucked. :shocked:
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