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Jun 2, 2011
Raleigh, NC
Well after installing several Windseekers at their parks, CedarFair opted to switch to the SkyScreamer for ValleyFair's installation. I don't think SkyScreamers have been plagued with the issues that WindSeekers have had to deal with.
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Sep 23, 2009
Even with some notable winds, the seats stayed surprising steady on SFA's. It is also worth noting that SFA's does the "bounce"—that is, once reaching the top, it moves back down the tower to around the 3/4th mark and then back up again.
Apr 10, 2012
I never noticed the bounce while riding yesterday but I did observe it moving up and down the tower.

I really enjoyed the ride and I think by far this is the best installation of a ride the park has done. They sank some money and put the controls in air conditioned booths (yes booths, one booth for the main ride control panel, the other for the estop), a nicely covered queue (though I think they should add some fans to the queue), they have laid the ground for some nice landscaping around the ride, nice brickwork around the ride platform and support walls, plus a pretty decent monument sign.

Ride wise... I don't consider it a thrill ride, perhaps a moderate family ride. If your scared of heights it's not for you. For those not afraid of heights, for me, it felt more like a gentle swing ride.

I would like to know at what point they have to close it because of high winds.
Apr 22, 2019
I rode this yesterday for the first time. First time on one of these and I have to say... this is is easily the most terrifying ride I've ever been on! Not sure I'd do it again, but I'm kind of telling myself I have to ride it once a year. For reasons unknown.

It feels crazy high and I know it's not the highest of it's type, but I'm scared of heights. And then on top of that the seats and restraints are very much like a Wave Swinger (although the bar locks and there's a seatbelt - without the seatbelt I doubt I'd have managed to not bail) and there's the same kind of chains holding the seats on. It was scary as hell for me! Haha. It also spins a lot faster than I was expecting. Pulls some significant Gs, especially after it gets to full speed and then resumes climbing after stopping partway up. Amazingly it did not make me sick, but maybe that's because I was so distracted by being so frightened and I just didn't notice. lol.
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