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One day I'm gonna catch this wolfie looking up at me for a good picture...

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This was the best that I could find tonight but I was pretty sure that I do have a few pictures of them looking directly at me.  We usually go there pretty early in the day early in the season when everyone else is running to the rides that we've ridden a million times before, eventually we even may draw a crowd when they realize what we're looking at.  If I can't find a more head on pic I'll have to make it my mission now to get one, I guess I never paid much attention to it before.  I will be there on Passmember weekend and will attempt to get a good one to add to my vast collection of wolf photos.


The three youngest are Kaya, Beo, and Boise. Boise you will generally not see unless you work at the park because I have been told he is still very shy around the public. I believe CK's pic was of Kaya but I'm a bit rusty because I have not seen them much recently and they have grown a lot. The white coat wolf I believe is Lakota.
BGW press release for 2000.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:
Busch Gardens Williamsburg Heeds Call of the Wild:
Gray Wolves Find Refuge in New Animal Habitat

Williamsburg, Va., February 15, 2000 - Ready to enter the den of one of the world’s most exciting animals? This spring, Busch Gardens Williamsburg will introduce guests to the plight of a fascinating and often feared species, the gray wolf.

Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve, a new animal habitat, will provide an up-close look at this amazing species while illustrating the need to preserve it.

Amid the ruins of a 17th-century castle, the compelling story of the gray wolf unfolds. Guests can learn of a wolf’s fierce loyalty to its pack, observe its unique behavioral patterns, and most important, understand the need to protect it.

"This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve been involved with," said Jack Hanna, animal expert and host of "Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures." "Very rarely do you get to experience these amazing animals up close as they exhibit their natural behaviors and I am honored to lend my name and expertise to this unique habitat."

In addition to the gray wolf, another exciting species will make its home at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2000. Known for its beauty and brilliance, the lorikeet will take flight in the fascinating new interactive aviary.

Accented by award-winning landscaping, the habitat welcomes guests to an engaging environment.

Bird lovers can flock to a large free-flight area and feed nectar to rainbow, chattering and dusky lorikeets. Inside the new habitat, guests become human perches as lorikeets alight on arms, shoulders and even heads.

Busch Gardens’ commitment to education and animal preservation continues through its popular "Flight for Survival" program. Through participation in the park’s "Falcons and Fables" educational show and a visit to Eagle Canyon, a sanctuary for birds injured in the wild, guests are introduced to the plight of endangered birds and learn how they can play a role in their survival. These existing shows also will be encompassed in the new animal adventure area, along with the popular reptile education presentation, "Reptales."

"Guests who visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg will experience more than just thrills and excitement in 2000, they will also take away an important lesson in habitat protection and animal preservation—a commitment from Anheuser-Busch Companies for more than 40 years," said Daniel Brown, executive vice president and general manager of Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA.

Construction has already begun in the Hastings hamlet of Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve is expected to be complete in time for the park’s opening, March 25, 2000.

The Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks include Busch Gardens and Water Country USA in Williamsburg, Va.; Busch Gardens and Adventure Island in Tampa Bay; SeaWorld Adventure Parks in Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio and Cleveland; Sesame Place, a children’s play park near Philadelphia; and Discovery Cove, a park featuring interaction with dolphins and other marine animals due to open in June 2000. Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks employ more than 15,000 people. To learn more call (757) 253-3350.

For more information, members of the media should contact or call (757) 253-3369
^Thank you. I was pretty sure that it was like that most of the time, but a recent video from 1994 reminded me that was not the case. In the video, the eagles were there instead.

Is it possible that they moved the wolves beside the railway (fenced in) at some point?
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