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New permit

This actually for part 1 BTW. So a new addition!
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B.Mac said:
New Addition = Train station.

It says on the permit "Installation of Stage." Possibly for the performers across from the Jurassic bridge, but I'm hearing it's more likely that it's something temporary (like a special event or announcement) as it says "installation" and not "construction."
So then it's probably just going to be the installation for their announcement stage so all their new additions can be officially announced. I mean it's only a matter of time before they announce all of this to the public anyways.
Five minutes ago on facebook:
The countdown has begun fans: we’ve got something BIG coming to Universal Orlando. So BIG, it will blow your mind when the clock strikes zero. What could it be…?
Countdown with us and check back on Nov 1st at 7:30pm to find out!


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Hogwarts Express will be the real deal! The train stations include highly detailed scenery and effects. The trains themselves will be very realistic including steam wafting from each car, scenic treatment and sounds. Each interior cabin includes period props and treatments. The window in each cabin will utilize an advanced optics display making it appear as though you are looking outside a window. As the train travels to the station riders will be treated to different storylines depending on which station they are going to. The cabins are also equipped with a full effects package including heat blast, leg ticklers, lighting etc. One storyline includes a dementors attack where it will get dark, the air will go cold and lights will flicker among other things.

Make no mistake the connector train ride is a full E-ticket! The R&D for the display system alone is staggering. Nothing like this has been done before on this scale and it will be spectacular. Avatar looks to be a joke compared to just this attraction. I haven't even mentioned the major new ride for Potter 2.0 yet.

That brings me to Gringott's. The queue, in my opinion, will be even better than Forbidden Journey's queue. Let's put it this way...the queue includes a really cool elevator ride that will simulate moving vertically and horizontally. You'll feel the air coming from the right side as you move to the right and you'll feel the air from below as you travel down. Each of the two elevator simulators include a projection dome above to enhance the visuals. That's just in the queue. Maybe I'll save the actual ride description for another time but suffice it to say that everything from the unique ride system to the exciting show elements will make this attraction one of the most impressive rides to date.

Haberdasher1973 said:
^Care to share where that quote is from?

It was ROBBED from a poster on WDWm called WhyLightbulb.

Good job completely ripping someone's put together post from elsewhere without linking. How about finding the original post by the guy who put the info out there before posting linking. Linking to a site that is not a joke helps as well.
Zachary said:
He didn't steal it. Don't get mad at him. He just happened to see it on OrlandoUnited after it was stolen by them. Not Ben's fault.

A) The quote in that crap site said WhyLightbulb about it. Easily could have been put in his first post here.

B) If he didn't see where Why put that there then look for it. That way it isn't stealing.
Ben said:
I didn't know what whylightbulb was. I should have looked for it. Error on my part. I'm fairly new to online forums. Why is orlandounited a bad site?

Just a word for the future. He obtained that level of detailed info himself and posted it himself. A site like you linked just put the username without saying where it originally came from, essentially screwing the poster as well as the site he chose to post it.
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