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May 3, 2011
Richmond, Va

Look what I found sitting at the top on the Carowinds webcams. I've been checking up on any WindSeeker webcam to see if any have been active and this is the first i've seen the Carowinds one at the top. I guess they're working on all of them now. I find it odd still that the Knotts one still isn't open or has any signs of opening to the public.

Also if you look really closely there is a person at the very top of the tower.
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This park needed love like we need air, glad to see Cedar Fair making this kind of investment over the next few years.
Yeah I find it bizarre this WindSeeker runs so slow year after year. It still gets a decent queue for a very slow spin at the top though. All three KD, KI, and CP seem to be running full speed from what I've seen. I'm glad I rode Carowinds opening year when it was still full speed. Hope they get it back up to that one day otherwise I don't have a ton of interest in riding it honestly.
One thing I have found interesting about all of the WindSeeker models is that there is 3 different ride programs. Carowinds just runs extremely slow now. Kings Dominion slows down as soon as the descent begins and stops spinning at higher spot which allows it to lower straight to the bottom without pausing. Kings Island and Cedar Point still spin at almost max speed for a small period of time while it is descending. Then, at about 30-50ft the ride pauses descending to allow for it to spin to the home position, then proceeds to the bottom about 15-30 seconds later.

All the same ride model, but they all have their own quirks.
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