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A small little update.
The WindSeeker at Knott's Berry Farm was under "rehab" on the site and has just been removed from the site. From I what I can tell is that work will only be down on the Knotts WindSeeker because all of the other ones have been wrapped up for the winter and it's just not needed. Now at this point and time it seems that the issue has not been resolved. How can I tell? Well it's not testing yet and doesn't seem to be close to testing. If work is only being done on just one of them then that means whenever it's finished then the work will go to the others. If I can take a lucky guess I will say that it will take them a while after the problem has been fixed to prove that it works. That also means it will be a even longer of a delay. Then after that they have to go to the other WindSeekers and place the the solution in them and then test and re-train employees. If I wanted to take an educated guess we could see Kings Dominion's WindSeeker opened by time around the end of summer and that's if they can fix the issues real soon.

Personally I hope that tearing the ride down is an option because I liked this ride a lot. It may not be much but swinging around 300 feet in the air is kind of relaxing to me. It's a very nice view up there and at night time is a completely different ride. It is just amazing.
Yeah it's definitely a different experience. Being all the way up there with only a lap bar is pretty sketchy, but it does give plenty of good views.
I've never gotten a chance to do it at night, so that will be one of my goals this season. Very cool ride though.
Knotts has their Windseeker listed as closed once again with no date given for a reopening. Looks like it could still be a while. Source
Still looking very very slim of WindSeeker to open at all this year. They're putting a lot of hours into trying to fix the one over at Knotts though. But until we see successful testing, we won't see anything happen to any of the other WindSeeker's around the country. said:
(3/11/13) Source tell me that every Cedar Fair park with a Windseeker ride have also taken delivery of one of the same new Evac Platform contraptions that we saw pictures of at Knott’s Berry Farm last week. The new Cedar Fair policy on this is that the park’s can not run their Windseeker rides unless they have an Evac Platform in working order and ready to go. (For example, I’m told that Kings Dominion already has their platform and is keeping it stored nearby in the old Hypersonic station area.) With the platforms in place, we should seen the Windseekers ready to run on opening day at most Cedar Fair parks. (Canada’s Wonderland, Carowinds, Cedar Point, Kings Dominion and Kings Island).
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I will ride ANY coaster or spin and puke ride and NEVER be scared but I get one of these and I freak out like a kid on their first coaster. Whats worse for me the ones at Six Flags.

In that case, I can't imagine Kings Dominion's will be open either.
icedtea said:
I will ride ANY coaster or spin and puke ride and NEVER be scared but I get one of these and I freak out like a kid on their first coaster. Whats worse for me the ones at Six Flags.

The ones at Six Flags don't have the operations issues, and you won't have to be taken down in a death trap cage :p
I was driving up to DC for work this past Monday morning and I noticed that the carriage for Windseeker was just about all the way up at the top, and not spinning. I would normally think this was testing, but this was at 7:15 in the morning, and it was pouring rain - circumstances that don't seem terribly conducive to testing. Odd. The only thing I could think of was perhaps during testing the day before it got stuck up there and was still there in the morning?
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"Testing" has not really occurred on any of the WindSeekers from what I understand. The carriage is simply being raised and lowered so they can do some ground work. I think KD is trying to do as much as they can when the park is not open, therefore taking the carriage up during the night to do some work and I guess left it there. I believe they are still trying to diagnose the issue with each of the WindSeekers, so they could be doing some computer work. I could be wrong, but the WindSeekers are not looking good from what I understand.
Scrap the thing before someone tries to defeat the safety harnesses & plunges 300ft to their death. Outstanding idea.
Just strip anything from the tower and carriage. Undo the power line. Rip out all of the control panels and begin from the structure itself. That's their best bet at this point if they really need want the ride (which I do because I love WindSeeker).
Oh dear, is this what Cedar Fair and Windseeker have come to?


This isn't a good sign for the park...
Is it time to lawyer up yet?

Jeez even Mach Tower hasn't had issues on this magnitude. These things are the next B&R:Chillers, screw Mach Tower.
So they have the evac problem down. They just need to work on making the towers more reliable?

I'd say the likes of Mach, Chiller, and Windseeker are on the same level. Even if Mach has become more reliable as of the past two weeks.
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