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Mar 17, 2020
The Williamsburg area Chamber of Commerce, has a private Octoberfest event that they booked BGW for on Wednesday October 5th. Details can be found here.
Includes unlimited rides on Mäch Tower, and curious to see how SEAS handles the 5% surcharge when dinner is included in the price of the ticket...


Entrance into the Oktoberfest Section of the Park
Unlimited Rides on Verbolten, the Swings, Der Autobahn Bumper Cars, Mäch Tower
Roaming Howl-O-Scream Characters
2 Games / Person
Live DJ
Chance to Win Raffle Prizes
3 Drinks / Person (Beer or Wine)
Dinner (See FAQ Below)

That said, $53 is what guests normally pay for three beers, so the price makes this very worthwhile!


Advisory Panel
Sep 24, 2018
This is an event that happens pretty much every year. The price is actually paid to the Chamber of Commerce. I'm not actually sure that BGW charges the Chamber of Commerce anything beyond just covering their costs. It's meant as a fundraiser for them
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