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Aug 25, 2012
Instead of raiding the crazy stories thread for talking about deer and such, do it here.
On time last year we saw a ground hog around V-bolt. It was sniffing on of the supports and just minding its own business. We sat there and watched it and then a crowd started to gather. People started throwing little bits of food at it. It was probably having a good day.
I have heard of some squirrels eating turkey legs, is that even logically possible? I though they generally went for nuts, berries, and leftover processed foods found on park property.

I have seen deer graze by/on the train tracks late when the train has stopped running.

I heard a rumor the real Loch Ness Monster resides in the Rhine River in the park.

I have seen tons of turtles chilling on the riverbanks getting their tans on during the summer.
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One time while on the Skyride from England to France saw some interesting "wildlife". Where the skyride crosses near the entrance arch to Ireland you can see across to the Grogan's with the outside seating. My kids were wondering why these people had jumped up from there table quite suddenly and we're freaking out. In the shrubbery near there table it seemed was a very large rodent. Couldn't make it out exactly,pretty sure it wasn't a squirrel, wrong body shape and no bushy tail. Our best guess was it was a very large rat. Picturing in my mind Templeton for Charlotte's Web. Almost had to be a Rat to cause that reaction from those people. It was funny to see how fast they cleared away from it.

Perhaps a possum? They are very rat-like and would probably really freak people out. I know it freaked me out when I saw one up close in person once.
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Party Rocker said:
Perhaps a possum? They are very rat-like and would probably really freak people out. I know it freaked me out when I saw one up close in person once.

Possibly, from that distance just really hard to tell, it did have a long slender tail, very rat and possum like.
I've seen a few reptiles here and there around the park. I particularly remember a garter snake in Da Vinci's Garden a while back and a Five-lined Skink basking on the side of a planter between the pretzel shop and Der Marketplatz last year. Also, as someone (Nora?) said in the other thread, if you're looking for them, you can often spot groundhogs on the banks of the Rhine- particularly near Oktoberfest and New France.
Zachary said:
I've seen a few reptiles here and there around the park.

Same here. I've noticed a lot of small lizards, usually around Da Vinci's and the shrubbery in Oktoberfest. One time, one of them got up a lot of courage and scampered across an Oktoberfest pathway dodging dozens and dozens of menacing tennis shoes. Incredibly he made it to the other side without losing a single limb (but he probably could have grown it back anyways). :p

Also, I almost always see turtles sitting on logs in the Rhine.
I've seen a couple reptiles at WCUSA. We saw a lizard from the top of "Wild Thang" and a snake at the entrance to "Big Daddy Falls". They ended closing the ride for the snake until animal control got there, so we were the last to ride.

Required learning.
I've seen a smallish black snake on the wall of the Rambling River at WCUSA. A couple of weeks ago I saw an opossum near the trash behind Three Rivers Snacks. But the best wild animal encounter I've had involved a squirrel. We saw it run out of the woods and into the candy shop in Germany. We waited and it shortly emerged with a movie-size box of Goobers in its mouth. It followed the path for a while and then ran into the woods. I had a photo but can't find it.
One time I saw a squirrel digging through the trash from the rim of a trashcan. We stood there and watched for a while and it eventually fell in. A couple minutes later it came out with a couple napkins in its mouth.
I've seen some gecko looking reptiles over by apollo's chariot while waiting in line. I also saw a hawk roost over a pathway apparently looking for some food to pick off. I've also seen a Muskrat by the ferry.
I saw A Bambi cross the path in New France. It was about 5 feet away. In the middle of the pathway it stopped and looked at both sides of it then kept moving. I think I win! Just kidding unless someone can top that. seeing it almost gave me a heart attack it was so unexpected.:D

This is a true story though.
I have a talking Dug the dog plush that I found at Epcot. I love it when he says :I have just met you, but I love you." Reminds me so much of my mom's golden retriever.
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A couple of really cool shots of the birds of BGW from tonight. Guests actually had zoo staff come out to look at the owl and ensure it wasn't an escapey.


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