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Aug 17, 2010
This is just a thread to talk about the old Wild Mouse coaster in Germany. I don't about anybody else, but growing up I always loved that ride. Guess I'm just a sucker for hairpin turns. I know it was removed to put in DarKastle, but why was it relocated to BGT? They already had more coasters than BGW, and Wilde Maus could have certainly fit into just about any country in the park with its small footprint.
I think many people have said that. It was a great family ride. However, I was just down in Tampa and rode Cheetah Chase and it really smacked the heck out of me. Although I had forgotten how much force the ride flung you back and forth, I still enjoyed the ride. I have attached a picture of the old Wilde Maus in Tampa.



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I typically don't really like Wild Mice and this one was no exception. I've ridden it in both locations, and even though it's not my favorite thing, I still think it would have been nice to relocate it within the park.

Exceptions to my dislike of Wild Mouse coasters are the one at Hersheypark (I still can't quite figure out why I like it), and the one at Idlewild, which is simply amazing in every way.
It was a good and popular family coaster. After it's removal we got stuck with Grover. I wish we could Wilde Maus back instead.
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