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This ride brings back a funny memory.
We rode this when I was little and my mom and I sat in the front while my dad sat right behind us.
When the ride began the climb up the hill my mom wanted me to check her necklace and make sure it was secure before we started taking the wild turns.
Well, just as my hand finally got back there and I could check we took that first wild turn and I latched onto the back of her neck with a death grip. Every turn I was pulling my mom with me and we both were screaming. My dad was laughing so hard he couldn't stop.
Mom can laugh at the story now but that day she was not a happy camper. :D heehee!
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Front seat. Lookin' like Bowser in Mario Kart.
I loved this ride! Got my 6'5" frame wedged in there sideways.
From a college trip in March 1997...Alpengeist's opening. :D
This is the one type of coaster I will not ride. The sides of the cars are too short on the flat, sharp turns. I am convinced that one day I will keep going right, when the car has turned left.
I remember sitting on the bench to the left waiting for the day I would be tall enough to ride.....( I never got to ride it at BGW but I did ride it at BGT)
I was in college when Wild Izzy went in. It was a surprisingly entertaining ride, which of course lost its Izzy branding once the Olympics ended. I was sad to see it leave for Tampa a short time later.

Busch Gardens should always have a wild mouse on offer. It just feels right. It would be a good addition to Italy, in my opinion. Maybe stick it across the path from the "near" end of the Festa Italia overpass, uphill from the Battering Ram and kiddie rides... though the terrain would be tricky.

Or move the scrambler again, and repurpose that area for a French Canadian themed Wild Badger ride.
I would be a big fan of a terrain mega-mouse, personally.

But I'm not sure how much room would be available over on that side of the bridge, where the 156 foot not-a-wild-mouse ride will be going in.
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I've always loved wild mice (is that the correct term?) more than it seems that I should, but I cannot imagine many things more painful than a 15-story mouse coaster. No thanks.

That said, I always thought a wild mouse would be a nice addition to Ireland. I wish they had never moved Wild Maus.
The one thing that I always thought was weird for Wild Izzy/Maus was that it's queue was huge. Not like lengthwise. But walking up to the little station, there was a ton of space in between the two railings making up the queue.

I always thought it was odd, because the other roller coaster queues are fairly narrow. Even Alpengiest, which has the wide queue right before you enter the station felt smaller than Wild Izzy/Maus
OK, I know I am an Army of One here, but in my opinion wild mouse rides are simply the Worst. Coasters. Ever.

Maybe it is because my earliest memory of this coaster was as an adult, but the low sides combined with total lack of banking on the turns create jerks, cause pain in my side, and make me feel as if I am going to fall out. The car turns left and my body keeps going right. You know, physics.
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I have to agree with Nic. The Wild Maus was my absolute first coaster at BGW and I was so excited to ride it and was really happy. After going around one or two turns I started crying my eyes out screaming. It was one of the most horrific events of my life and probably one of the reasons why I do not ride as many rides as most other people do.

Like Nic, my main concern that really upset me was the jerkiness when going around those turns. I really did feel like I was going to fly right out of my seat and die or get seriously injured. It definitely is not a ride I would want to be my first ride at all. After that, the next ride I rode was Corkscrew Hill. After Wild Maus I didn't want to ride it, but I was forced to. I hated the jerky movement.

I think jerky movements is the underlining cause for my not wanting to ride many rides. I will say Groover's Alpine Express was my second coaster I rode and while it was still intimidating if it were my first coaster I probably would have loved to ride a lot more rides than I do now.
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That's what wild mouse coasters are built to be.  Arrow tried marketing a "Crazy Mouse" towards the end of their existance that had banked turns.  It didn't sell well!  You want a real thrill, try an older wooden mouse where the cars actually tilted outward on the turns!  People commonly assume mice are kiddy rides because of their size, but they really do pack a punch!
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I'd trade out DK to have Wild Maus back. I enjoyed the area more when it had more trees and there was this nice fun small coaster in the back.
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