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I rode the one back at SWSD in July and well I think now is the time for SeaWorld to work there magic. Wild Arctic really makes you appreciate Europe in the Air.
Definitely, wild arctic has lots of potential to be better but it's so outdated. Also you could hear hydrolics squeak the whole time.
I never waste my time with the simulator. We just do the walk-through, and try to skip the movie, as well.
Sometimes I will ride this as a nostalgic throwback. I also ride it so that I feel better about Europe in the Air. One great thing about this ride however, is the way that they are able to re-theme it so beautifully for Christmas Celebration. It makes it even better that the Polar Express Experience fits like a glove over this attraction without breaking the bank.
I rode the polar express finally at seaworld and i have to say, it was a pretty good ride. It wasnt jerky and it was so well decorated that it actually felt like i was in the movie. My only complaint is that the movements were off of thr video by about a second or two. So i felt all the movements before i actually saw them on the screen
Overall, i wouldnt mind if they just kept this version of the ride all year round.

That awesome lensflare though :)


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Rode the wild arctic last week when I went to get my mako preview pass, and thought it was kinda funny that below the ride cabin in helipad(simulator) 1, the front car of shamu express was just chillin there. Geuss it wanted to get away from the kids :p

Also, special light effects that I didnt even know existed on this ride were working on this simulator. I believe helipad 1(the one with green lights above the preboarding area) is the lesser used of the 3.
Who are the actors in Wild Arctic? The woman and First Officer Norm "Snowman" Miller in the preshow and the on-ride voice of Captain Emerson?
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