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Aug 23, 2022
Me and my good friend recently stopped by Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA to check it out. Here is a quick video about our experience:
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We also have a podcast about our trip on our podcast: "The Thrill Train Podcast". Check it out!

The park honestly surprised me. I had been before and didn't remember great things about it, but this trip was surprisingly pleasant. There weren't any crazy rides or anything, but it was very clean and just nice to be in. The staff was very helpful and friendly which definitely made it easier to enjoy. We checked in on the old "The Cheetah" roller coaster site to see if any developments had been made, but it still sits vacant. I really wish they would have given that the RMC treatment. It could have been a heck of a ride.

Overall, we really enjoyed our time there. If you're traveling down I-75, give it a shot! It's a fun little park. If you've been before, what did you think of the park?
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