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Sep 23, 2009
Gavin has shown some interest in the Wiki and got my attention back to it as well. This thread should act as a discussion of what updates are needed on the Wiki, such as, Howl-O-Scream 2011. If you visit the Wiki and see something that needs to be added, you can post it here.

Also, if you'd like to participate actively in the editing of the Wiki itself, let me know and I'll create an account for you.
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Using the former station and footprint of The Big Bad Wolf, Verbolten will be taking a different aspect of a thrill ride. While it might be using Big Bad Wolf's former area it will taking a new twist when the slow decent out of the station brings you to a launch. The launch will then take you into "The Black Forest" where you will experiance twists and turns through the themed event building. The event building features many different themed elements that will enhance the ride expierance for riders. Once the ride completely completes the course inside the building the train comes to a hault. what happens then? Did your car break down? Then before you can say anything the train drops striaght down. Once your able to catch your breathe the train is then launched up towards a themed bridge where you will begin your dive towards the Rhine River following Big Bad Wolf's footprint. You will be driving through the woods at high speeds going through twists and turns. Then you finish the ride you take a nice banked left turn into the final braking where you will end your brave journey through "The Black Forest!"
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I just updated the wiki that involved everything for the Planet Snoopy expansion. As I was doing so I realized how much more work is still needed to be done. The main chunk of work that needs to be done involved the kiddy rides for the Kings Dominion section. I'm not to sure on what's needed for the BGW side as I have not been over there in quite some time, but if anyone would like to help with the wiki and doesn't have an account you can Private Message Gavin and he will gladly set you up an account.
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