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Feb 6, 2013
Portsmouth, Va
I didn't start going until this last year, and, at almost 32, I have found where I belong! My wife really doesn't get my almost obsessive behavior with this park, but it has given me a new motivation for losing weight, it gives me another connection with my kids, it just puts me in an element that I didn't know I had! I grew up going to Six Flags Astroworld in Houston, yet I never felt the connection with that park that I do with BGW. When I started working out in January, I thought "This mile is kicking my butt, yet I can walk around Busch Gardens for 13 hours and never get tired!" I feel like a kid when I am there. The rides, shows, experiences, people, it just makes it special for me every time I go. This forum has given me a place to go when I cannot be at the park, to learn from people who have loved it for different reasons, so please, spill your BGW heart out! And thank you all for the information you have given me since I joined this group!
I totally understand this. Very similar circumstances to myself. Never grew up around anything like Busch. Six Flags Over Georgia was 2 1/2 hours away. BGW is only 9 1/2 minutes away for me now. I'm there a lot. ;)
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I think for me its the fact that I have been going to the park so long. My sister worked for BGW the first year they were open and my school went to the park every spring. I have been enjoying the park for more years than I care to say and it still feels special to me and now my family also loves the park. It has always been a nice place to slow down enjoy a meal, a show and ride some rides together. The park is still clean, safe and the employee's are friendly and helpful.
The park continues to change from time to time and it still remains a beautiful local park with room to improve in the future. Some of the recent changes have been difficult to accept and some are just bad ideas but that's life.
I only hope in the future BGW can continue to remember its past but strive to grow and improve over the years. Personally I would love to see the park expand onto the brewery property and become a world class park. Hey I can dream cant I?

Eric M
I started going to the park when I was seven months old and have been coming back every since. My grandma and grandpa, my mom, and my aunts all came opening year and they continued coming. My sister rode her first roller coaster there and so did my nephew. This park has been in the family for a very long time. I also like the European feel, the beauty, and the rides. (But mainly the rides :p )
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Like Hoopla said the theme and beauty of the park is what does it for me. Not only that, but I think BGW goes against a lot of theme park status quo's and becomes an experience. The tiny details are what I love most and just the all-around good feelings the park provokes. The music is another big factor in why I love the park. Very underrated part of the park IMO.
When I was younger I loved it for all the nerdy reasons. But now I love it from all the memories I have made from working there.
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