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Pretzel Kaiser

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Apr 5, 2011
So here's a question for the forums. Before I ask it, I am not trying to pick on any specific person, but I'm trying to ask about the general tone of these forums. If it seems like I'm trying to single a person out, I apologize, but I have to pull examples of what I'm seeing. So without further delay, here is my question:

Why are these forums so hard on the park?

I first gave this question serious thought when people started talking about Entwined. We all know what it is at this point, but what I saw was a lot of people condemning it before the show has even been put on. This is kind of surprising (though not entirely) seeing as this site is called "BGWFans". While I know that people shouldn't see the park as some glorious, omnipresent being. I would think that as fans of this park, we should at least give the park the benefit of the doubt before we dismiss something the park does. It really does feel like that people seemed so attached to their own idea of the park, no matter how long ago that was.

Let's look at some of the other complaints I've seen. Once again, I'm not trying to pick on anybody in particular. The reason I'm posting these is just to give an idea of some of the complaints I've seen on these forums.

"The new Oktoberfest is horrible, the colors, decoration, ect don't look good at all."

"Verbolten has cars. Cars are too new for something at Busch Gardens."

"The park doesn't have the magic that it used to have."

"This isn't like the old show."

The one thing that these have in common is that they seem to reference a previous time in the park's history where the person making the comment being made. This makes me think of how these people must romanticize the park. Yes, things have changed, but change is necessary in the entertainment business. I hate to inform people of this, but skateboarders are popular. So are teen musicians, christian music, and girls in saucy outfits during Halloween. As unfortunate as it is, the transition from Polka to princesses is one that the park felt was needed to make money. We all know that the park has some ambitious plans, and these changes are part of it.

Let's take a look at some of the changes that the park is bringing this and last year.
Verbolten: No matter what you say, this is going to be a coaster that is themed well beyond any other coaster the park has had. Who can honestly say that this is a bad thing.
Pretzel shop: How is this a bad thing?
HoS: 2011's HoS has been one of the best. The theming of the houses was (for the most part) very impressive, more than previous years.

Sure, not every idea has been a winner, like Mach Tower. I also understand that some people may feel like everything the park has done in recent years is crap from the medicore Griffon to the horrendous EitA. However, we shouldn't look at every single thing the park does so negatively, especially without even experiencing it first. My goal is not to offend or start a huge debate, but just to try to get opinions on the subject and get people to think, "Is this really that bad?".

Other complaints I've seen are, to put it bluntly, petty. These complaints are only founded on the numerical value of something. My favorite example, is the argument about the final drop of Verbolten. There was a discussion about why there was a two foot discrepancy....two foot. I really can't try to explain this, other than this place is populated by quite a few OCD sufferers. Why can't people simple ignore the minute, pointless details when something as major as Verbolten already has so many fascinating things about it going on with it. Another big discussion was MT versus Drop Zone at KD. When you calculate the time, how long does the difference in height really add up to?

I'm not saying that I don't have my fair share of criticism of the park. I hate EitA, I wish the park would have more animals, I think that Entwined might not be the best show the Festhaus. My point being is that while some criticism is natural, the level here seems like a bit much for a community devoted to a park.
Shafor said:
Ever been on any other "fan" message boards? This one is actually pretty tame. Some are just non-stop, insanely vicious attacks on the subject that they are a "fans" of.

I play video games. So yes, yes I have. I know it will be pointless, but I was just kind of hoping to put some perspective on it.
I joke about it with my wife all the time. Everytime we see anything new or different in the park I say "wait til the BGW Fans tear that apart." ;)
Shafor said:
I joke about it with my wife all the time. Everytime we see anything new or different in the park I say "wait til the BGW Fans tear that apart." ;)

Ahem. Every WDW board. Ahem.

It is the nature of a true fanbase, though. I would be worried if the real fans were mindless and never critiqued.
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I don't see it as mere critiquing. What I see here is the park getting something new, and people try to break down how this new thing is going to ruin the park.
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This thread should be retitled GET OVER IT! :)

It's just the nature of fan forums. On sports forums, it's worse. At least this site doesn't seem to have the personal attacks like on some other types of forums when people disagree.
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Actually, I have always wondered why these forums were so destructive being fans. I personally, love the park, yes I don't like all of their decisions >:/ but I respect their decisions, and I try to look towards the brighter side of things. Like Entwined for example, before seeing it, I thought it might be good, after seeing it, I think it won't be perfect, but it will be more entertaining for a wider group of people and it will keep the GP happy.
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The recent chaos in the Verbolten thread got me thinking. For those of you who like to look at the fine details of everything, how do you still enjoy the park if you find lots of things wrong in the details?
PzP said:
The recent chaos in the Verbolten thread got me thinking. For those of you who like to look at the fine details of everything, how do you still enjoy the park if you find lots of things wrong in the details?

Noticing the bad doesn't mean one is blind to the good, it often means you just want the park to be the best it can be...
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Hmm, I understand that. It just comes off that people look at the negative way more than the positive. This honestly makes me think sometimes that the park simply cannot be enjoyed by some people. I choose not to look at the fine details simply because I feel if I analyze it, it will turn me into a hyper critical person who cannot enjoy the park because I don't like the paint color or something. (No offence to anybody, just an example.)

Simply put, rides are fun, details aren't to me. :p

Oh, and pretzels. Pretzels are very fun. 2011 will always be the year with one of the best additions to the park ever.
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I've always been one to look at the negatives of new additions, it's apart of my nature and it helps me appreciate the positives of everything more. I never took notice of much of the "bashing" that most users throw on BGW, KD and other parks unless it looks like blatant bias against the park. I've been a coaster enthusiast for about 4 years now, and I've bashed even some of my favorite coasters. I don't like Maverick for its OTSRs but it's still incredible. I hate Kingda Ka because of how many breakdowns it has, but it's still fun as ever. I haven't been on Grizzly, Hurler or Avalanche in eleven years but man for someone to still remember all three of them after so long a time and how much fun you've had on them as a kid.

Anyways, the pretzels were by far the best addition of 2011 for BGW no denying that.
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