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Jul 22, 2010
Simple, the design of the roller coasters were done by none other than Disney Imagineers. Throughout the sifting through coaster articles you cannot help but notice that Vekoma has gathered an all around negative rap-sheet. Everything from having bad transitions, poorly designed trains and restraints, and overall design. Why did Disney contact a not so top name to build their rides? Simple, they would let Disney have the design creativity that others would not, along with Disney being satisfied with the build and materials themselves.

Rock'n'Roller coaster was designed to be a dark ride, with a track design led by Art Director Jim Shull. The launch in the coaster would have to be carefully timed parallel with the drops of Tower of Terror, if the three go simultaneously it can shut down the power grid in Hollywood Studios. There is a seperate power substation just to prevent that from occurring. At the time its LSM launch was the top available, and research to it was lead by Disney and Disney funding.

So far as Expedition Everest goes, it is in the same boat as RnR with design. The designed was lead by the Walt Disney Imagineering team and pushed drastically by Joe Rohde; the lead designer of Animal Kingdom. The track system used is one that is only seen on smaller kiddie Vekomas (so far as my research shows).

The trains, cars, and restraints on both pieces of twisted metal were imagineered by Disney employees.

If Disney can team up with such a negative-rap company yet build such amazing rides then why cannot take their lessons with Disney and incorporate them into their own designs of track, trains, and restraints?

This is all research that I am currently working on for an English class about a company partnerships. This is all research I have verified with multiple sources. If you know of any sources that are conflicting with anything that I have found please point me into that direction. This is a term paper and a HUGE grade.
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