Which hamlet do you head to first?

  • San Marco

    Votes: 14 21.2%
  • Heatherdowns

    Votes: 14 21.2%
  • Killarney

    Votes: 38 57.6%

  • Total voters
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As I think back, I usually headed around through Ireland, skipping LNM until later in the day since its usually the first ride people see and will go to that first. LNM is usually where I would finish up before leaving. I honestly don't know why we went through Ireland, other that when Griffon first opened, we always wanted to get there before the line got long. Most of the time, we just walked around and rode whatever, skipping anything that had a ridiculous line, with the mentality that we can always come back another day since we had passes if we'd rather not wait an hour or more for a ride. Its that mentality that really ruins going to other parks, since we got used to waiting no more than half an hour, then going to KD or CP and you have to wait 2+ hours for a number of rides just because we weren't coming back the next day or latter that season.
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I feel like my day has always started with whatever the newest coaster is. InvadR has been the starting point for the past few seasons and is, in my opinion, a great way to start a day in the park. I suppose that will change soon and Pantheon and Apollo’s will become the start of my day.
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