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Mar 27, 2014
So this May I'm going to Hershey Park with my class and I'm uh tubby (real tubby). The only ride I have real trouble fitting into at my home park Kenny Wood is the Aero 360 last time i went, but a worker happily adjusted the seat for me (I slipped him a 20 on the way out). To anyone who's been to both parks, which park is more fat friendly? I'm scared I'll have to take the dreaded walk of shame like my older sister. Ive currently lost 25 pounds since my last Kenny Wood trip and weigh around 298. I intend on losing about 10-20 more before the trip. Also are there any rides i should stay away from to save myself esteem?
You probably won't be that bad off actually. Biggest concern is likely Great Bear. Most Intamins seem to be pretty forgiving though.
*Most Intamins with OTSRs.

As long as you can latch the redundancy belt you'll be fine on Fahrenheit and Storm Runner. Great Bear should have a "Big Boy" seat in I think row 5.
All of HERSHEY'S coasters have test seats in the front. (I even think the wooden ones do). If you fit on the wooden ones on KW you'll be fine. When I was at HP last year I weighed about what you intend to, and I didn't have a problem on anything.
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