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Apr 30, 2010
Today was my first trip to Busch Gardens this season and besides BBW, another major fixture seems to have been removed, leaving a gaping hole at the park...HUMMEL BOY.

Has he just been moved? Is he being restored? Was he too much maintenance? What gives?


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You're right! I haven't seen him this year! Anyone know where he went? He was like a brother to me!
I'll ask about him next time I go. He was a staple in the park, and he needs to come back.
Sorry I'm reviving so many old threads but robbie's "Was he too much maintenance?" had me rofl.

Definitely gotta watch out at BGW if you're too much maintenance! Hummel Boy, sorry if we didn't watch yo' back properly! :p
kyledegood said:
Where was he located? Was he near the alpengiest area in German near that fudge shop

If I am correct which I'm probably not, it was located in between the christmas store and the cuckoo clocks.

I remember this guy from when I was tiny, if he leaves it would be very saddening
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