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Jun 28, 2012
The first weekend of May 2012 saw Colonial Williamsburg putting on the 150th Battle of Williamsburg program.

What role, if any did the ground where BGW now stands play in this Civil War action?

Now, for a 20th century question ... before 1975, what was where BGW now stands?

The land was plain flat at one point. During the construction of the Rhine, dirt was moved and hills were made specifically for the park.
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If you go to the parcel viewe for JCC, they have a satellite image before the Rhine was built. It was one big flat forest.
There were Indian tribes on the land. When the park was built there was a mild artifact dig on the property that uncovered some really neat things. There are historians in Colonial Williamsburg who can elaborate for hours on the subject.
Satalite imagery has been mainly used in wars for undercover missions and stuff, however it has been used since the 1960's I think?
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