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Dec 23, 2011
Okay so this is something I was thinking about, the park actually gave me this idea, a long with looking at a few other places. This game actually requires a little bit of some work to be done.

- So a pictures is posted of a random place in the park. Since I'm starting the game, I will choose said picture. This picture may be from past or present, provided through any means. Once the picture is posted you guess where at in the park the picture was taken. The person who guesses right gets to post the next picture.

- No copyright infringement here, post sources! If it's your own picture, say so. If not, post a link to the location or the name of the person who took the photo.

- Try to post not so obvious pictures.

- With how many different angles and things to take pictures of, you should be able to easily reuse spots, but don't do the same spot back to back!

- Try to be as specific as possible, general areas like the names of the hamlets is too vague.

So let's get started with this little zoomed in picture:

DarKastle- either the first or second to last scene. Since there's no doubt in my mind that I'm wrong, I'm posting my picture now.



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Nope. This is a strange one. To be quite honest, I don't know what it was for. I do know where it's located though.
Yes Zach, it was a zoomed in pictures of construction on DarKastle. Adding full picture to post now.

Hmm. Interesting. It appears to be a footer of some sort. It is also located very nearby a fence. I would guess skyride footer, but I am certain that would be wrong. Could you give us a hint?

EDIT: Forgot we are looking for location not what it is, silly me :p My guess would be across from the Highland stables on the pathway to Ireland.
Party Rocker said:
My guess would be across from the Highland stables on the pathway to Ireland.

You're extremely close. It's actually behind Tweetside Station. Here's a non-zoomed shot (look to the left of the tree):



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So I am guessing it is for a footer for the sky ride, just different area, even same hamlet.

That new one looks like Germany near a snack stand?
Wow, I must be making these too hard. :p It's on the side of Der Autobahn.

Ok, I'm dropping the ball. Someone else can take my turn.
I'll do an easy one...

Where is this:

This is supposed to be semi-hard to hard. Nothing too obvious, but nothing impossible; with some clues even. Also, try to be more specific with guesses, hamlets can be used as hints though.

Someone else want to give it a try?
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