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Apr 9, 2013
Maybe it's just because I wasn't paying attention over the last decade, but does anyone know what happened to the Hummel shop in Germany??
My guess is either the park had a contract with Hummel and it expired.
The contract was becoming too expensive.
Or the figurines probably weren't popular enough to keep.

Maybe a combination of all of them.

- My mom actually bought the umbrella kid (the statue outside the shop - regular sized obviously), but I think she sold it off.
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Yeah, I bought one of those for my (now ex) wife back in 2000. Still, it was nice to see something like what they still have in Italy in the Germany hamlet.
I think they still have the life sized Umbrella kid in the Nutcracker shop. I remember walking through it 2 weeks ago and seeing it inside beside the door. I may be wrong but I'm almost positive.
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